Vindication – A Battle Is Won

The Truth Was Out There. And Someone Has Found It.

Three and a half years ago I started my public crusade following years of watching environmentalistas OfficiallyScrewing people. Below is a quick link update on all my environmental posts.

March 26th, 2006 – The Numerical Truth About Ice Caps, Global Warming And The Empty Threat of Floods – Where I first used the term environmentalistas.

June 15th, 2006 – Kyoto Schmoto – The Left Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree

July 3rd, 2006 – Only The CBC Can Erroneously Turn Plankton Into A Story About Global Warming – From my scientific perspective.

July 21st, 2006 – Save The Lemmings Campaign – How To Talk To A Kyoto Supporter…If You Must – A great set of myth’s debunked over 3 years ago.

October 29th, 2006 – Lock Me Up And Throw Away The Key – The war rages when lefties turn lack of environmental concern into a war crime. David Suzuki agrees with this school of thought.

November 14th, 2006 – The World Now Knows Their Gravy Train Has Left The Station – Here we point out how it is a redistribution of wealth.

November 19th, 2006 – The Truth About Icebergs Near New Zealand – Exactly what the title says.

December 19th, 2006 – Al Gore Takes Movie Money And Hides – My own research finds that tropical storm count drops like a rock for 2006. Incidentally 2009 is near an all time low for hurricane activity. Remember when they told us it would only get worse?

January 4th, 2007 – How Do You Say Kyoto Protocol In Martian? – My favourite proof that it is sunspot activity causing the polar ice caps to melt because they were also shrinking on Mars.

January 21st, 2007 – Vegetarian It Is – Cow farts are the culprit.

January 29th, 2007 – Go Figure – Suzuki Bus Tour Will Burn A Ton Of Gas – An added tip. Suzuki is a geneticist. I am in the physics/electrical sciences. What makes him more qualified than me to research the truth? Nothing. In your face Suzuki.

January 31st, 2007 – Global Warming Burnt My Steak – Parody

February 1st, 2007 – Global Warming Blew Up A Tire – Parody too/two

February 1st, 2007 – Spontaneous Combustion Blamed On Global Warming – Parody three

February 1st, 2007 – Burnt Babies Blamed On Global Warming – Parody Four

February 3rd, 2007 – How Many Times Is The Earth “Officially” Warming? – Some more science debunking claims of the moonbats.

February 3rd, 2007 – Global Warming Brings End To Religion – Parody Five

February 7th, 2007 – IPCC Debunked – Real scientists real facts.

February 15th, 2007 – Global Warming Cooked My Sushi – Parody Six

February 27th, 2007 – Al Gore Wins Booby Prize (Right After Winning Oscar) – Al Gore’s mansion has 20 rooms, 8 bathrooms. How much global warming do you think he contributes?

March 10th, 2007 – The Great Global Warming Swindle – A must watch video.

March 11th, 2007 – Giving Students An Equal Perspective On Global Warming – Fighting the brainwashing of our youth.

July 27th, 2009 – George Carlin on Saving The Planet – Some in Hollywood understand…not many…but some.

October 19th, 2009 – Smitherman, Master Of The Boondoggle, Strikes Again – Greentech eating YOUR tax dollars.

October 31st, 2009 – Smackdown – Al Gore Gloveslapped By Lord Christopher Monckton – Simply Gore-tesque….

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