Dion's Speech Had A Title

I just thought I would point out that the title of Dion’s speech is in the top left corner of the screen on the top shelf behind him.

Dion Speech 1

In case that is too small for you, I zoomed in below.

Dion Speech 2

If it is STILL too hazy for you, it is a copy of the book titled Hot Air.

Someone in his image department needs to pay attention to these things.

Harper Playing Chess, Dion/Layton Playing Checkers

A friend of mine told me he thinks while PM Stephen Harper is playing Chess, the opposition parties are playing Checkers.

Harper may have us all convinced he made a mistake to put the Political Party funding cut into the recent fall economic statement. But I am starting to think that the man knew that this would coalesce the opposition parties and that joining with separatists would destroy the Liberal and NDP support that comes from Canadians tired of giving in to Quebec.

I think while Harper is parrying and attacking and defending and thinking five moves ahead of everyone else, Dion is scrambling forward yelling “king me….king me”.

B.C. Carbon Tax Has Immediate Effect

On July 1st, 2008, a BC Carbon Tax took effect. Lefties say it won’t affect gas prices. The chart below begs to differ. The average gas price in BC was $1.40 for a consistent length of time and then July 1st it spiked over 2 cents. Coincidence?? I think not.

I hope Canadians are paying more attention to this than Stephane Dion is!!

BC Gas Prices July 1st, 2008

You can view various gas price statistics by visiting this link.

Just another example of Canadian Taxpayers getting OfficiallyScrewed.

Liberal Saboteurs Feed Stephane Dion A Big Fat Shiftburger

I cannot help but think that someone in the Liberal Party must really have a hatred on for Stephane Dion. When I told a friend about this feeling, he quickly responded….”No Shift Sherlock!!”

In naming their new carbon tax a “green shift”, it became quite clear that someone within the Liberal Party has “shift for brains”. I mean let’s look at this seriously.

G – reen
S – hift
T – ax

Bwahhhahhhhahhhhahhhhahhhhhaaaaaaa. For real??? Another GST??? I wonder what kind of “shift” the Liberals were smoking when they came up with this name? When the Gomery commission was going on, Conservatives thought it was the gift that kept on giving. This GST2 is going to be an even bigger gift.

I am simply dumbfounded to think that there wasn’t a single person in the Liberal Party who did not notice this acronym. To top it all off, there is now talk of a lawsuit because the name GreenShift is already taken. Uh Oh!! Somebody really stepped in it this time.

I was further amazed when people immediately starting calling it “the Green Shaft”. It took less than 24 hours for opposition parties to come up with this new nickname. Surely over the past few weeks/months that the Liberal plan was being developed there was a single Liberal somewhere…anywhere, that could have seen this coming from a mile away. If not, then I would think they really are not ready to run a nation.

If we weren’t sure saboteurs existed before, we sure are now. I think this may be an interesting summer to sit back and watch the “shift hit the fan” within the Liberal Party.

The Supreme Court Had Ruled … (but Citoyen Dion doesn't care)

When the highest court in the land makes a ruling, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done to change that ruling. The 9 member panel that is often divided on issues makes decisions regularly without a unanimous consensus. The whole reason for having an odd number of justices on the highest court of the land is to make sure there is not a tie on decisions.

Although a few weeks late, I came across some video which shows Stephane Dion disrespecting the Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of the anti-terror measures which the Liberals voted against extending. (well, all Liberals present except Tom Wappell.)

Dion claims that the divided court means it is a contentious issue.

No Stephane. A divided court that has ruled means the decision is made and the majority wins.

Watch Citoyen Dion disrespect the Supreme Court by clicking the play button on the video below once.

If you can’t see the above video play, please try clicking the link below and don’t forget to rate the video.


Yet Another Liberal Flip Flop – Tenth Time Is The Charm On Anti-Scab Legislation

Say No To Bill 267Bill C-257, which gave me waking nightmares, appears to be more than just a private member’s bill designed to cripple the Canadian economy. It is another example of Liberal’s flip flopping and another example of just how far left Stephane Dion really is.

He has moved so far left that centrists don’t even recognize him. But why?

First of all we have the Conservatives showing they are truly a modern party and not the extremist, right wing, scary Party the Liberals have painted them to be for a decade. This has given the Tories growth towards the Liberal center.

Then we have the NDP, who showed a bit of strength when they held up Martin’s minority government the way an emphysema sufferer is held up by a green oxygen tank outside the hospital doors. Lend Jack your vote and he would chomp a bit of the left leaning Liberals over to the NDP.

So Dion steps in stuck between a Rock and a somewhat hard place. Where is he going to get his votes? Does he fight the right in a battle of wits with a seasoned warrior like Harper who is pummeling him in Question Period day after day after day? Or does he look for the low hanging fruit, and try to steal back the NDP voters who do not want Harper in government no matter what?

My guess is the latter.

This is why the Liberals have flip-flopped again and chosen to support anti-scab legislation.

At first, few took the bill seriously.

The handiwork of Bloc Quebecois MP Richard Nadeau, the proposed legislation was introduced as a so-called private-member’s bill, one of dozens of draft laws floated by backbench MPs that go nowhere, quietly dying on the Commons order paper.

Nadeau’s bill was also the tenth attempt by an opposition MP to introduce anti-scab legislation in recent years, all of which failed to materialize under previous Liberal governments.

But a funny thing happened on the Grits’ way to the opposition benches.

When the bill came to preliminary votes in the Commons, it was suddenly backed by the Liberals, along with the Bloc, New Democrats and even a few Conservative MPs from Quebec (who have since recanted) — more than enough to pass through the minority parliament.

I guess the TENTH time is the charm.

So after nine failed attempts at having anti-scab legislation go through the house under the Liberals watch (with support from the Tories to stop it each time), Dion has chosen to forsake the Canadian economy, the way he would by shutting down industry to meet Kyoto, and support the tenth attempt at getting anti-scab legislation through.

Stop Bill C-267. Write your MP. If he/she is a Liberal, write him/her and get a few friends to do the same. This legislation is just plain wrong and a Liberal flip flop on this needs to be addressed.

Liberals Take Meaning Of Opposition To A New Level And Oppose Their Own Bill

In what amounts to the Liberals coming out and stating “I spit in your general direction!“, they have come out and opposed the Tory plan to extend the Anti Terrorist bill that the Liberals themselves created and passed while in power.

The former Liberal government of Jean Chretien rushed the sweeping federal law through Parliament in the weeks after 9/11, arguing law-enforcement agencies needed extensive new tools to deal with the threat of terror.

But in response to concerns the law would trample civil liberties, the government placed a “sunset” clause on the provisions of the law enabling “preventive arrests” and “investigative hearings.” Both provisions expire at the end of next week, unless both Houses of Parliament pass a resolution to extend them.

The Conservative government tabled a motion yesterday that would extend the provisions for three years.

But now that the Liberals have withdrawn support, the motion looks doomed. Both the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois oppose any extension. A vote on the motion is expected next week.

The Liberal shift surprised national security experts, who were expecting an extension to sail through Parliament.

Has Dion lead the Liberals further left than they have been in a long time? Or is he opposing just to be opposing? I think it is a bit of both.

What’s your take?

H/T to Werner Patels