Being the owner of a Hyundai, I was quite surprised to find out that about a week ago the company (and it’s Kia subsidiary) announced that they had been overstating mileage claims on many vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2013.

They will be reimbursing people who purchased specific models but there is also a class action lawsuit filed against them. I supposed this is to make sure they reimburse consumers appropriately.

I would encourage anyone who purchased one of the affected vehicles to join the suit.

Society: Humane? Or Ass-Backwards?

Today while listening to CFRA, I heard that the Humane Society is warning about the dangers of leaving pets in cars during the heat of summer. Great. No objection here.

They also said that they have received over 100 complaints so far of people leaving pets in cars this summer season. Wonderful. I am glad people are observant and willing to make a call to help save a family pet.

Then they said that anyone caught leaving their pet in a car with the heat going will be charged. And they even said fines can range from $500 to 2 years in jail.

The agency maintains that if a pet must be rescued from a locked, hot car, charges will be laid against the owner.

Penalties can range up to $500 and a maximum of two years in jail.

The operative word above is “will”. They WILL be charged. Pretty definitive word.

Everything seems hunky dorey to me.

But wait. Did we not just have a case in Ottawa of a couple who left their month old baby in the back seat of a car on a 30 degree Celsius day while they shopped in an air conditioned Home Depot for an hour? And did that couple NOT get charged?

Yup. This most certainly did happen.

Even though they could under the Criminal Code, Ottawa police, unbelievably, are not charging a couple with the stunningly irresponsible act of leaving their infant alone in a vehicle Saturday for almost an hour in a humid, sweltering temperature of 30C while they were shopping at an air-conditioned Home Depot.

How the hell could they not have known better?

Not that first-time parents is any excuse, but they aren’t. They have several children.

How the hell can they not be charged by the police, one of whom saw the infant in the vehicle, broke the window, after which the infant was rushed to hospital by paramedics, and — luckily — found to be in stable condition.

The 30C temperature was outside.

God knows what it was inside the closed-windows vehicle.

The child had no say in the matter.

It was only a month old.

A human being.

This is simply OfficiallyScrewed. This comparison of the way two similar situations are treated with the only difference being the animal is treated like a human and the human is treated like an animal. It sure says something about how “humane” our society really is.

Go Right Young Man. Go Right.

My wife calls me an idealogue thinking I always side with the Conservative Party of Canada. Today however, I am upset at two items on the agenda.

1) The expansion of funding to the CBC. James Moore (as pointed out by Ezra Levant) is being mocked by the brass at CBC and being effectively called a lapdog now that they have funding increases coming. This is NOT what most conservatives feel should be happening and I join in the chorus of those who think the budget of the CBC should either be slowly trimmed back $100M a year for 11 years until they have learned to swim on their own or simply cut it all at once and let them sink or swim on the merits of their work.

And more importantly,

2) As pointed out by Mark Steyn, the new criminal omnibus bill has a clause that will make it a two year prison term to link to a website spewing hate speech. The vagueness of this or the risk of errant links is too great. But the reality is that hate speech is free speech. At the Conservative policy convention in Winnipeg, the party unanimously voted to scrap section 13 on hate speech. So why are we reinforcing it? I was in Winnipeg. The support was incredible to move towards free speech above all.

Some have labelled Steyn’s site a hate speech site. Well I link there and am proud to say I link there. I guess I’ll wait for the internet cops to track me down and toss me in jail for 2 years.

So I am bringing both of these points directly to my MP and letting him know that I am not happy about this. When we won a majority, I thought we would be leaning further right, but it seems that on these issues we are just riding up the middle of the road just like our predecessors.

Fox News Legal Eagle Megyn Kelly Smarter Than Every Democrat, Obama, Mexican President Calderon, And 90% of Hollywood

Megyn KellyFox News Channel anchor and regular guest on the O’Reilly factor, Megyn Kelly, exposes those who oppose the Arizona immigration law. How so? She actually read the new law and compared it to the federal law. So what did she come up with?

Well in a 2005 Supreme Court ruling in Muehler vs. Mena, the highest court in the land ruled (in section 14 of the judgment):

.. the officers did not need reasonable suspicion to ask Mena for her name, date and place of birth, or immigration status.

The actual Arizona law states that someone cannot be questioned without reasonable cause so it doesn’t even go as far as the most recent law of the land. So to all the celebrities, moonbats, NBC guests, lefties, Democrats, and yes, even the POTUS Barack Obama, who have teased, joked, implied you could be out with your family for ice cream and this law lets them search you, well….You are ALL wrong.

The Federal Law is far tougher than the new Arizona law.

Nice Job Megyn Kelly.

San Francisco Proposing To Let ILLEGAL Aliens Vote

I would say this is the most insane, ridiculous concept that has come out of the San Francisco in a long time.

But what do you expect from the city that has declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? Or the city that shuttles illegal drug lords around to bypass federal authorities.

At least they look to be backtracking on the sanctuary city now that they are entering the national fingerprinting program.

What I am thinking is that this is quite the example of bringing the mountain to Mohammed. All these illegal aliens lining up to register themselves to vote and get their names (and addresses) on a list. How convenient!!

Kevin James In New Paul Blart Movie? Wearing Robes, He's In Briefs and He's In Drag!

I figure using this blog is my one shot at becoming a Saturday Night Live writer.  So here goes.

Kevin James, after a successful run as the King of Queens, and big screen success with Paul Blart: Mall Cop is back.  And this time he’s in drag.  After his success in saving the mall, Paul Blart starts a private investigator firm and goes deep deep deep undercover as a female lawyer named Elena.  He is so successful that he ends up getting posted to be the Dean of Harvard Business School  His mission almost gets exposed when he get’s nominated by President Barack Obama to be a Supreme Court Justice.

That’s right.  A Supreme Court Justice in…

Paul Blart 2:  Washington Mall Cop.
Kevin JamesElena Kagan

That’s James in the photo above…on the left.

That’s Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice nominee on the right. (I swear!!)

Lorne Michaels…you’re welcome.  Just email me at mulder at officiallyscrewed dot com to find out where to send my writer’s fee and residuals whenever Kevin James hosts the show in the future!!

Guilty Without A Crime

If you are a conservative gathering to protest higher taxes you are a tea bagger.

If you are a leftist gathering to shout down free speech, you are a hero.

If you are Stephen Colbert, hyperbole is comedy.

If you are Ann Coulter, hyperbole is a crime.

What bothers me most about the whole Ann Coulter situation is that they found her guilty before she even spoke. This was an affront on free speech in Canada and simply a sad day. If the reason was that she promotes hate, then find her guilty WHEN SHE PROMOTES HATE. Not before it. THAT is the Canadian way. Innocent until proven guilty.

Free speech gets Officiallyscrewed by Ottawa U. students.

Man Charged In Terrorist Bombing Synagogue Hired (And Then Fired) At Canadian University

OfficiallyScrewed is an understatement for this one.

Carleton University has searched high and low, near and far, day and night to fill a teaching spot for an introductory sociology course. But alas, the qualifications must have been tough because out of a nation of about 30 million citizens, they chose to hire an alleged terrorist charged with killing 4 people in the 1980 bombing of a synagogue in France.

But that was 29 years ago you say? Maybe, but he was just recently charged and is under house arrest with a condition that he has to wear one of those “anklets” to track his location. He is not even allowed to get in his car and drive to the University without accompaniment.

Hassan Diab, who is charged with murdering four people in the 1980 bombing, will begin teaching a part-time introductory sociology course at Carleton University two days a week until the middle of August.

Diab, whose strict bail conditions prevent him from leaving the house alone, will be required to travel to and from the university with his common-law spouse Rania Tfaily, an Ottawa court heard Monday.

But once at the university, Diab will no longer need an escort.

What? Am I reading that last sentence correctly? Once at the university, he will no longer need an escort? Are you kidding me? The guy is charged with killing 4 people and he is welcome to roam the Carleton University campus without an escort?

Note to self: Do not let my kids attend Carleton University.

H/T: Fred

ADDENDUM: not but a few minutes after I posted, I saw this article posted on the Ottawa Sun sight a few minutes ago. Diab has lost his teaching gig.

Free Speech Zones at Vancouver Olympics

Call me crazy but I am a wee bit miffed this morning. I am as much a conservative as any other and I have a “get tough on crime attitude”.

But this morning on Canada AM, I heard the head of security for the Vancouver 2010 games say that they were setting up “free speech zones”.

Excuse me??? To paraphrase an American college student I heard quote a few months ago… But do you have a map? You see that big landmass between the USA and the Arctic Ocean? The one that goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific? THAT’S my “free speech zone”.