Obama Two Faced On Raising Debt Ceiling

In 2006, he called it “a sign of leadership failure”.

He said it was a “sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay it’s own bills.”

And finally, he voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 and did not even bother to vote in 2007 or 2008.

But now that he is POTUS, Barack Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling.

Talk about being OfficiallyScrewed!!!

Supporting Link to National Review.

Eco-Fascists Think Killing Children Who Are Not Interested In Fighting Climate Change Is Funny

There is not much I need to say about this.  You need only watch the first two or three minutes of this (or have seen the original video which was 4 minutes of extremely graphic video) to get the impression.

Now below is the original video in it’s entirety. I urge anyone with a weak stomach or with children nearby to not watch this. It is VERY graphic.

All I can say is that this group 10:10 and the people involved in making or airing this video are officially screwed in the head. To imply that children or people who are not interested in believing that we need to change our lifestyles to fight global warming should be blown up is simply wrong. There are no two ways about it.

Officially Awesome Military Homecoming Video

Grab a hankee and sit down for 10 minutes.

Request. I would love to make a video like this with Canadian Forces homecomings. If anyone out there has video of a homecoming and the joy that they bring, please feel free to send me the clips via email to mulderATofficiallyscrewedDOTcom and if I get enough sent in, I will put my video hat back on.

Hat tip goes to my friend Cathy in PA.

Redeye Guy Greg Gutfeld Has Solution To Ground Zero Mosque Debate

Below is a clip from Greg Gutfeld’s show last night. As the builders of the Ground Zero Mosque say it would be a great symbol of tolerance, Gutfeld suggests New York put a gay bar that caters to Muslims right next door to the Mosque.

Today, Gutfeld made an appearance on Glenn Beck and suggested some names for the gay bar. These included “Jihot”, “Jihunk”, “Turban Cowboy”, “Infidelicious”, “You Mecca Me Hot”, and Glenn Beck’s favourite name suggestion is “Suspicious Packages”.

Knowing Gutfeld, I would assume this is a joke, but in reality you can’t really say his logic is dramatically flawed. His intent is clear. The other side’s is at minimum insensitive, no matter how legal. But will it work to either push the limits of tolerance among all of us, or back off to the understanding of how hypocritical it may be to argue that the bar should not be allowed.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Gutfeld’s progress on this. One might also be curious as to whether or not he actually contacted a neighbouring owners for quotes.

Pink Floyd Music Still Tearing Down Walls

I remember living in Toronto and watching The Wall at The Wall during a lightning storm back in the summer of 1990. The song was so representative of the Berlin Wall that had fallen some 8 months earlier. But since the day Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall, it has also come to symbolize freedom and breaking free of political bonds. And in 2010 it is once again turning into an anthem thanks to the sons of Iranian immigrants living in Canada.

Blurred Vision is their name and below is a link to a song that is quickly gaining an underground cult following. According to FoxNews, Roger Waters has given this song his full blessing as he has been an outspoken critic of Iran’s human rights policies.