Bob Rae Sucks at Correlating Things

From Hansard Feb. 28th, 2012

Hon. Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, I have just learned that a court document has been produced from the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections saying that there were 31 phone calls between the Conservative campaign in Guelph and RackNine and that there were 40 calls between Conservative operatives in Ottawa and RackNine.
Could the government explain that information in conjunction with the statement that was just made by the parliamentary secretary?

This is like me saying:

Mr. Speaker. Police LUD reports indicated that there were 31 phone calls between MP Bob Rae’s House and Pizza Pizza in 2011 and that there were 43,000 calls between stoned teenagers and Pizza Pizza. Could Bob Rae explain that information and how it relates to him?

To quote Bugs Bunny….What a marooooon.

Laim Stream Media Not Telling Whole Truth

A big thank you to Brian Lilley for doing the dirty work that all the other news media outlets failed to do when it comes to the robodialling accusations flying these days.

Brian did his homework and has dug up a gem that no one else seems to be pointing out. The Elections Canada report that investigates all the shenanigans reported regarding the election and election day includes the following quote:

There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding. Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result. There is some speculation in the media that the dirty tricks may have affected the result in some close contests.

So the same report cited by news agencies used to call the robocalling problems a scandal clearly states that none of the 191 pages of reported problems would have changed the results. And furthermore, the report only discusses robocalling on 3 of those pages.

I would be very interested to know of ALL the shenanigans reported, how many occurred in ridings won by the various parties in a scoresheet format. Let’s look at the WHOLE election and ALL the shenanigans and figure out where the most problems occurred.

And once again, Kudo’s to Mr. Lilley. He does the true work that so many other reporters fail to do and he gives us the facts the other reporters fail to notice.

Holy Smokes! Don Boudria Agrees With Me That We Need To Enumerate

Tonight on Goldhawk, Don Boudria, while discussing voter turnout, said that he thinks the number is not correct because we have moved to a permanent voter’s list and there are errors. He then said that we should move be enumerating.

As many of you know, I have been calling for enumeration for quite some time and agree that the % turnout is far higher than it seems.

To reiterate.

When I was an Information Officer in the 2006 election, I had more than one person come up with multiple voter cards. One gentleman came up with three cards.

One for John Davidson.
One for John W. Davidson
and one for John William Davidson.
(names were changed to protect the innocent)

So to Elections Canada, there are 3 voter cards mailed, yet only one voter.

To read my previous posts on Electoral Reform see links below.

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Layton Inadvertently Smacks a Few of His New MPs With Debate Comment

In the English language debate, Jack Layton dealt a death blow to Michael Ignatieff by saying something to the effect of “If you want a promotion, you need to show up for work.”

How many of his new Quebec MPs didn’t campaign a single stitch? How many did not even show up in their riding during the election?

Unless they have $150,000 a year jobs now, many just got a promotion without showing up for work.

I’m just saying….

The real losers here are the constituents who will have poor representation by someone who does not understand the local issues. But they are also the ones who did the voting so it seems they are stuck with their own bad decisions.

PSAC Launders Tax Dollars

Joe Canadian pays taxes to government’

Government hires and pays Public Servants.

Public Servants pay union dues to PSAC, the public servants union.

PSAC pays for advertising against Steven Harper and the Conservatives, making their advertising partisan. (I heard ads running on CFRA radio here in Ottawa this week.)

i.e. PSAC is laundering money from Joe Canadian to partisan politics.

Another way, we as taxpayers, get Officially Screwed.

Yellow Bellied McShifty Slams Ontario Rural Community…Again

On Friday, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals decided to put a moratorium on offshore wind projects. I thought a lot about this over the weekend and commented to friends that it is possibly the beginning of the coming landslide in the green energy kybosh which may be the only thing that saves the provincial liberals from a rout in the October 2011 elections.

Then I read this article in the Toronto Star.

In particular this section.

Offshore applications to date make up only a handful of the many hundreds received so far, and the government’s terse news release pointed out that none have been built. Queen’s Park is pulling the plug until “further scientific research is conducted.”

But the reality is that public opinion research, rather than scientific research, is driving the government’s agenda these days. A number of Liberal ridings are being buffeted by wind turbine troubles, notably the Scarborough seat held by Energy Minister Brad Duguid.

The premier likes to boast in his speeches about Ontario’s groundbreaking renewable energy policies and his focus on good government. He has long resisted NIMBYism, and his ministers are known to mock them as BANANAs — Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. But with an election coming, his new priority is putting out political fires — most recently by nixing the gas-fired power plant in Oakville that threatened another Liberal seat.

The opposition is profiting from the anti-wind movement, with many MPPs stirring it up in their ridings at every opportunity. Most of the huffing and puffing is directed against onshore wind farms, which face a 550-metre setback. Offshore turbines, by contrast, faced a five-kilometre setback — virtually out of sight, but by no means out of mind.

So what does this mean?

Well it means that they cancelled a tiny portion of wind, primarily on Lake Ontario, to save Brad Duguid’s Scarborough seat by cancelling wind turbine projects that have to be 5km from shore but it leaves the countless wind farms that only have to be 550 meters from a neighbour’s property. If health was truly the cause of the cancellation, then they would have cancelled the ones that are potentially closer to people. But a) this would affect the bulk of the programs and b) it would not help save Brad Duguid’s job. And since Duguid is now the face of Green Energy in Ontario, it would be a devastating loss and hit to the Green Energy Act if he was unseated.

So rural farmers who make up the bulk of the current wind farms (and their neighbours who make up the bulk of the neighbours of wind farms) get the shaft.

Sound familiar? Well it should. You see back on July 2nd, McGuinty also cut the rates for lucrative 10kW MicroFIT solar projects that were ground based from 80.2 cents per kWh to 64.2 pretty much making them unviable. Yet he left the rooftop installations at 80.2 cents per kWh. The reason they sited was that the ground based installations were cheaper. But they were wrong. The ground based systems need heavy ballasting, far longer trenches, potentially new hydro poles, transformers etc depending on the location. Whereas rooftop systems have all that readily available. and simply connect up to the power near your home meter.

So he slaps the rural community on July 2nd and tells them they can’t really take part in solar and now he slaps them again by telling them Scarborough resident’s health is in jeopardy when they are 5km from an installation but farmers that are potentially 550 meters from a windfarm are not at the same risk. Can we say OfficiallyScrewed?

The ONLY thing that would make this windfarm situation right is if he puts a hold on all ONSHORE windfarm projects as well.

Globe’s Jeffrey Simpson Glosses Over The Truth – Ford was NOT the only clear shift to the right during Ontario municipal elections.

Today on CTV’s Question Period, one of the caretakers at the “Mop ‘n’ Pail” newspaper glosses over the ripple effect taking place by stating a moderate was elected in Ottawa. Mr. Simpson should look deeper than the mayoral elections.

Ottawa had it’s epiphany 4 years ago when we elected in businessman Larry O’Brien to the Mayor’s chair because we were tired of the same old left leaning values. Yet the citizen’s of Ottawa did not at that time give the Mayor a supporting cast of councilors. How do we know the change was desired? Because in the 2003 election, 180,000 voters turned out, yet 300,000 turned out to elect Larry O’Brien in 2006.

And this election, Ottawa did indeed elect a moderate, yet fiscally prudent man in Jim Watson, (who has straddled both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative camps in his career), yet this time the electorate knew the mayor was only one vote. So they got smart and the council itself made a MAJOR shift to the right.

In 2006 Ottawa re-elected EVERY incumbent councilor who ran. In 2010, Ottawa ousted 6 councillors and had 4 ridings up for grabs where no incumbent was running. This is how the 10 wards played out.

Ward 7 – Bay Ward – Extreme Lefty and long term councillor Alex Cullen was ousted by Liberal Mark Taylor. A shift to the right.

Ward 11 – Beacon Hill/Cyrville – Lefty Michel Bellemare was ousted by moderate Tim Tierney. A shift to the right.

Ward 12 – Rideau/Vanier – Lefty Georges Bédard ousted by moderate Mathieu Fleury. A shift to the right.

Ward 13 – Rideau/Rockcliffe – Conservative Peter Clark beat out 9 other candidates.

Ward 15 – Kitchissippi – Lefty and now 1 term councilor Christine Leadman ousted by newcomer and moderate Katherine Hobbs. A shift to the right.

Ward 17 – Capital – David Chernushenko, who is a well known Green Party member lined up very well with past Green Party leader Jim Harris who was a conservative. i.e. Chernushenko comes from the conservative side of the Greens and not the whacko “get in front of a harpoon boat in a rubber dinghy” envirofanatic side of the Green Party. Considering the area is represented federally by a New Democrat and was where lefty Clive Doucet sat on council last term, this is also a clear shift to the right.

Ward 19 – Cumberland – Wishy Washy middle of the road Rob Jellett was replaced by conservative Stephen Blais. Clear shift to the right.

Ward 21 – Rideau/Goulbourn – moderate to right leaning Glenn Brooks and long time councilor was ousted by youngster and rising conservative star Scott Moffatt. Slight shift to the right.

And last but likely the most prominent shift took place in Ward 23 – Kanata South. Lefty Peggy Feltmate, who was endorsed by previous lefty Alex Munter chose to endorse NDP supporter Aaron Helleman. The ward is traditionally conservative at the federal and provincial levels and when party affiliations came out among the three leading candidates, the clear winner was conservative Allan Hubley.

The remaining ward, Knoxdale-Merivale elected Keith Egli. I am not sure of Egli’s leanings but suspect he is a moderate meaning minimal shift in any direction.

But all in all the residents of Ottawa corrected a mistake they made 4 years ago and gave their mayor a clearly right leaning council. Hallelujah!!

So Simpson can preach that Ford’s election was a one shot move to the right in Ontario. But he would be clearly wrong as we have shown.