Legislated to Death…or at Least into the Poorhouse


January 1st, 2013 was an amazingly sad day for Californians.  They had over 800 new laws to abide by.


That’s 2 over 2 laws per day of the year.

How does a state pass that many laws?  Where do they find the time?

The “Why do they pass this many?” question is easy.  It’s a cash grab.  Most of these laws have fines.

I am taking this opportunity to iterate my firm belief that for every new law created, legislatures should need to remove 2 old ones.  It’s the only way our freedom will be returned.  At this rate, we will not be able to breathe without the state endorsing it.

My prediction:  By 2050 there will be a law to tell you how many breaths you can take and everyone will be legally required to wear one of those work out monitors that uses bluetooth to communicate to our bioembedded cellular device that tattles to the state if we breathe too much.

Californians are OfficiallyScrewed.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference on Investigation Into Validity of President Obama’s Birth Certificate

I know there are  those who dispute the validity of the birth certificate.  I know there are conspiracy theorists.  But I guess if someone in the position of Sheriff conducts a formal investigation, it should at least be made public and then disputed or not disputed.  Prepare yourself for an hour of interesting information to say the least that questions the validity of the Birth Certificate that was presented as that of Barack Obama.

Click Here To View The Press Conference

Is President Obama OfficiallyScrewed?

Caledonia Comes To Ottawa

Tonight I had the privilege of attending the Free Thinking Film Society‘s event “Caledonia: No More Nightmares” at the Library and Archives Canada. I knew it was going to be interesting when, for the first time, the FTFS had protesters. There were perhaps a dozen or so people standing in front of the doors handing out flyers.

I was being handed one but asked what it was first. The gentleman said it was some information about Gary McHale and his videos and how they are racist. I told him that this had nothing to do with racism, but equality of justice and walked inside without taking his literature.

Inside I paid for my ticket, bought my autographed copy of Christie Blatchford’s book “Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us.” , a can of diet coke and went in and sat down in a seat.

The speeches and slideshow/videos started and as Mark Vanderhaas was speaking, two of the protesters who were in the theatre started heckling and commenting out loud about what was being said. They were shouted down by most of the audience with yells of “questions at the end” or “be quiet and you might learn something”.

After the third or fourth incident, Fred Litwin the host of the event warned them that if they disturbed the presentation again that they would be removed. And sure enough, when the subject of Dudley George came up, they could not keep silent and started the troublemaking again. Within a minute, Fred showed up with perhaps 4 to 6 officers who promptly escorted the two gentlemen out.

The biggest round of applause came when Mark Vanderhaas pointed to the police and said “Ladies and Gentleman, THAT is what a real police force looks like.”

For those of you who are not aware or who have not paid attention, Caledonia is the town where native Indians basically took over a suburban housing development as it was being built and despite calls for help from the OPP, the residents and owners of the land received no help. Property values plummeted, road barricades made people drive enormous miles out of their way to get to school, work etc. And when the locals tried to go put a Canadian flag up in the neighbourhood, they got arrested.

Indians squat, beat up residents, (one into a brain damaged coma), drive over police officers, drag citizens form their cars, disrupt so much…no arrests. Residents try to raise a Canadian flag ….arrested.

To me this was the primary question during the Ontario Provincial leadership campaign and still is. Why is there two tier justice in Canada? We are nation where we are all supposed to be treated equal. Where it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, yellow, brown, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jew, man, woman or tranny. The law needs to treat us all the same so that we know what to expect and as part of the process of keeping our society civil.

As Christie Blatchford’s title states, at Caledonia the OPP did not just fail the residents of Caledonia. They failed us all.

ADDENDUM: After the presentations, I had a chance to get Gary McHale and the Mayor of Haldimand County, Marie Trainer to autograph the book. I’d call it a little slice of history.

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking and Smoking Pot On Break

This video at this link is worth “300” words so go watch it.  These Chrysler workers out in the “Town & Country” of Detroit, USA were caught not being “Patriot”s.  Their moral “Compass” has gone out the window.  After their “Commander” in Chief took your tax dollars, “Ram”med legislation through congress he took those dollars, bought a big chunk of the auto industry and gave it to the unions.

Well this reporter caught these “owners” out in the parking lot on break drinking brewskis out of a brown paper bag and some appeared to be smoking pot.  What I love is watching them all “Dodge” his question and hop into their cars and take off.  Simply Priceless.

Let’s see what the Union says about this one.  I am willing to bet that major grievances are filed now that they have been suspended without pay.  Let’s see how far this goes.

Fox News Legal Eagle Megyn Kelly Smarter Than Every Democrat, Obama, Mexican President Calderon, And 90% of Hollywood

Megyn KellyFox News Channel anchor and regular guest on the O’Reilly factor, Megyn Kelly, exposes those who oppose the Arizona immigration law. How so? She actually read the new law and compared it to the federal law. So what did she come up with?

Well in a 2005 Supreme Court ruling in Muehler vs. Mena, the highest court in the land ruled (in section 14 of the judgment):

.. the officers did not need reasonable suspicion to ask Mena for her name, date and place of birth, or immigration status.

The actual Arizona law states that someone cannot be questioned without reasonable cause so it doesn’t even go as far as the most recent law of the land. So to all the celebrities, moonbats, NBC guests, lefties, Democrats, and yes, even the POTUS Barack Obama, who have teased, joked, implied you could be out with your family for ice cream and this law lets them search you, well….You are ALL wrong.

The Federal Law is far tougher than the new Arizona law.

Nice Job Megyn Kelly.

Guilty Without A Crime

If you are a conservative gathering to protest higher taxes you are a tea bagger.

If you are a leftist gathering to shout down free speech, you are a hero.

If you are Stephen Colbert, hyperbole is comedy.

If you are Ann Coulter, hyperbole is a crime.

What bothers me most about the whole Ann Coulter situation is that they found her guilty before she even spoke. This was an affront on free speech in Canada and simply a sad day. If the reason was that she promotes hate, then find her guilty WHEN SHE PROMOTES HATE. Not before it. THAT is the Canadian way. Innocent until proven guilty.

Free speech gets Officiallyscrewed by Ottawa U. students.

Enough is Enough. Wake Up Ontario. McGuinty's Cronies Committing Larceny Of The Grandest Kind

I’ve had it. You should have had it too. OLGC boondoggles (not one but TWO), HST implementation without cutting the mill rate, A health tax levy weeks after taking office and now eHealth.

I’m sick and tired of Dalton “YellowBellied” McShifty running rickshaw over Ontario taxpayers.

The Gomery Commission was called by a Liberal when it was reported a $250 Million dollar program could possibly have as much as $100 Million wasted.

And yet Yellowbelly himself rejects a call for a public inquiry into the eHealth Boondoggle that is over 10 times as bad.

What’s that you ask? 10 times Mulder? Surely you jest.

No friggin way! The numbers don’t lie. The Auditor General says that in a billion dollar program, the tax payers received only hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Well do the math. 1000 million minus hundreds of millions means hundreds of millions may have been wasted.

The Sponsorship Scandal was $250 Million over 33 Million Canadians. That’s about $7.50 for every man, woman and child in this country.

And eHealth? Just do the math. $1 BILLION, that’s 1000 Million being wasted of Ontario taxpayer dollars. $1 Billion over 11.4 Million people is a whopping $87.72 for every man, woman and child in Ontario.

That’s 11.7 times how bad the Sponsorship Scandal was to the Federal Liberals.

But this is not the only reason “blood is shooting out of my eyes“. The fact that the Premier is not willing to investigate should ring bells loud and clear that a criminal investigation should take place. Yet who is responsible for administering the Canadian Criminal Code? The provinces. So who would be the authority in Ontario that would appoint a special prosecutor to this? The Ontario Attorney General. And who appoints the Ontario Attorney General? Dalton Friggin McGuinty.

If this isn’t the Fox watching the Henhouse then nothing is.

I think the Federal government should be putting in a special request to the Province of Ontario to uphold the Criminal Code and investigate this larceny of the grandest kind.

McGuinty’s government put the Mayor of Ottawa through the ringer for posible influence peddling that (if it had been true) would have cost the tax payers a few hundred thousand dollars, yet he won’t investigate A BILLION FREAKING DOLLAR BOONDOGGLE!!

Blood should be shooting out of your eyes too!!! Talk about taxpayers being completely bent over and getting OfficiallyScrewed.

Why Does ACORN Exist?

Tonight’s episode of Glenn Beck’s show had some very important statistics about ACORN in light of the recent video being released of ACORN employees breaking the law.

Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on FOX News in the past 30 hours: 19
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on CNN in the past 30 hours: 3
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on MSNBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on ABC in the past 30 hours: 9
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on CBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of times ACORN story was mentioned on NBC in the past 30 hours: 0
Number of ACORN workers fired since story aired: 2
Number of fraudulent voter registrations ACORN admitted to in the 2008 election cycle: 400,000
Number of states where ACORN is under investigation: 14
Number of ACORN workers arrested for voter fraud: 50
Number of cases that resulted in guilty pleas: 30
Amount of taxpayer dollars ACORN has received since 1994: $53,000,000
And the kicker…
Amount of federal tax dollars ACORN is eligibile to receive in the stimulus package: $8,500,000,000 (thats 8.5 BILLION)

But wait, there’s more:

Number of Republicans calling for investigations into ACORN: 67
Number of Democrats calling for investigations into ACORN: 2 (but one was Arlen Spectre who has since become a Democrat and the other was John Conyers who withdrew his request) so the real number is ZERO!!!

Those last two bullets are why America is OfficiallyScrewed.

Now you know why I was so angry when I saw that ACORN is growing in Canada.

CP (Canadian Press) Brushes Liberal Aspect Under Carpet

Look at this headline from the CP (which provides news for Yahoo.ca)

What’s missing? Wait. Let me give you a second hint. The image below is a screenshot of the top quarter of the story.

Click To Enlarge
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Still not sure? Here’s another clue. It’s the second quarter of the story.

Click to enlarge
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Hmmm, I still don’t see anything. Let’s look at the third quarter of the story and see if we can find what is conspicuously missing.

Click to enlarge
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Wow. Still can’t figure it out? Let’s look at the fourth and final quarter. In particular, look in the 41st paragraph of a 44 paragraph story.

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Ahhhhh, now you see it don’t you?

I’m just sayin’…