Why are Tories protecting Supply Management?

I mean I get why the Liberals do it. But why are Tories doing it? You can come join me….and Maxime Bernier….on the other side where the grass…..and Canadian economy….are greener. Even Rona Ambronse sees the potential damage to our economy preserving it will cause us with Trump as President. If you think waiting for him to lose office is something we can hold out against, you are wrong. There will be mass layoffs right away in Canada. And Trump isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 more years and likely 6 more years, at which point our economy will have fallen off the cliff.

Of course the Boy Blunder Trudeau will blame Trump, but he should blame his own father who brought about Supply Management back in 1971. Do you not all see the sweet irony which has the drama teaching, hair modelling, selfie taking, pixie dust spreading Prime Minister has to smack down one of his father’s legacies?


Being the owner of a Hyundai, I was quite surprised to find out that about a week ago the company (and it’s Kia subsidiary) announced that they had been overstating mileage claims on many vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2013.

They will be reimbursing people who purchased specific models but there is also a class action lawsuit filed against them. I supposed this is to make sure they reimburse consumers appropriately.

I would encourage anyone who purchased one of the affected vehicles to join the suit.

LinkedIN Selling Your Privacy

In a move that has me concerned, LinkedIN has released LinkedIN Sales Navigator, a premium version of the website that let’s you view full profiles of people you are not connected to. Sounds awesome right?

But if you sign up and can see other people’s full profiles, then others can pay and see your profile without your permission. Does this have you concerned? Discuss below.

Click image to view larger version.

Flea Party Protests On Wall Street/Bay Street. Astroturf planted by George Soros?

The rise of the Flea Party has been quick but is it real grassroots?  Or is it Astroturf?

Soros and the protesters deny any connection. But Reuters did find indirect financial links between Soros and Adbusters, an anti-capitalist group in Canada which started the protests with an inventive marketing campaign aimed at sparking an Arab Spring type uprising against Wall Street. Moreover, Soros and the protesters share some ideological ground.

So what do you think?  One of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters is George Soros, who is linked to the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation in turn backs so many smaller left wing organizations that are out there garnering support from and giving it to the Flea Party.  In turn, the Flea Party is now protesting big Wall Street types.  Did you know that George Soros makes all his money from running his massive hedge fund?  i.e. he is a Wall Stree type.

Something smells fishy here.


Please Hold On To The Handrails. It’s About To Get Bumpy.

For those who think fearmongering is at an all time high.  I have news for you courtesy of the Boy Scouts.  Be prepared.

Corn prices below show the rise only seen in 2008 but we are only at the beginning.  If oil goes up due to instability in the middle east, the price of all good will go up even more. But it’s about to crash through the 2008 all time high. Keep an eye on it.

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Additionally, the price of cotton which we knew was rising, is also spiking dramatically and is at all time highs now in January. I guess Glenn Beck’s warning of Cotton going up 30% and to stock up a couple of months ago wasn’t such a bad idea. I wish I had taken his advice. We’ll keep an eye on this one too.

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In any case, both the drop in the US dollar and the fact that all our goods get transported via oil burning vehicles is going to drive up commodities. That makes you and I, as consumers, OfficiallyScrewed.

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking and Smoking Pot On Break

This video at this link is worth “300” words so go watch it.  These Chrysler workers out in the “Town & Country” of Detroit, USA were caught not being “Patriot”s.  Their moral “Compass” has gone out the window.  After their “Commander” in Chief took your tax dollars, “Ram”med legislation through congress he took those dollars, bought a big chunk of the auto industry and gave it to the unions.

Well this reporter caught these “owners” out in the parking lot on break drinking brewskis out of a brown paper bag and some appeared to be smoking pot.  What I love is watching them all “Dodge” his question and hop into their cars and take off.  Simply Priceless.

Let’s see what the Union says about this one.  I am willing to bet that major grievances are filed now that they have been suspended without pay.  Let’s see how far this goes.

When Ideology Is Imposed On The Private Sector We Get Garbage

Charles Krauthammer, one of the smartest (and best dressed) men in America chimes in on the Chevy Volt.

“The only people who are going to buy it are going to be very rich people who are going to park it outside their townhouse for ostentatious show of how virtuous they are while they drive around in their Cadillac Escalade”

Let’s compare:

Chevy Volt – 64km on a single charge from a government owned big three car maker in business since 1908 which is comparable to the….

Zenn Motor Company LSV – which also gets 64km on a single charge from a small independent Canadian company that just went public in 2006.

Stepping up we have the Nissan Leaf which can go 160km on a charge.

But the big boy on the block is still high tech startup Tesla Motors.  The Tesla Roadster is a Lotus-like all electric sports car with high speed , hot acceleration and about 400km per charge but it costs quite a bit.  So Tesla is releasing their Model S (sedan) in 2012 with similar performance at a price point around $50,000.

Ontario Liberals creating further Eco Fee Ass Co.

$5M of our money to keep Eco Fee Ass Co. going.

Why is everyone celebrating?  There was NO win for taxpayers yesterday when the Liberals put a 3 month moratorium on the new Eco Fee.   A fee that turns out to be the biggest tax grab in our provincial history which is a pretty lofty achievement considering the previous two biggest tax grabs were just put in by our Liberals with their health levy a few years ago and the new HST.

At the same time they announced this moratorium, they committed a further $5M out of our regular taxes until an assessment of this ridiculous tax grab is made.  I would go so far as to say that this is meant to appease complainers like me in hopes I will forget that in three months the moratorium will expire and the program will likely be slipped in under the radar again.

So now instead of taxing us at the till, we are being taxed from general revenues to fund a program that needs assessment.   Think about that.  They admit it needs assessment.  Yet they still continue to fund it.   Why do we always end up losing out?  Why can’t they just put a halt on the program outright?

OfficiallyScrewed … again.


Lowell Green on CFRA brings up a good point.  Why are we paying a further $5M while assessing this?  Stewardship Ontario has a reserve fund close to $73 Million invested in GICs, Money Market and Bonds which are part of their assets. From Stewardship Ontario’s own website financials.

Below is the Balance Sheet indicating how the assets. (note the comment on Investments)

Below is their statement of variance.  Note how much money they spend in a year and mostly on our Blue Box program.  I always thought my municipal taxes paid for blue box programs.

And now the kicker.  Where the $72+ Million in Investements are.  Completely liquid assets.  So instead of taking a minor hit on the interest and selling $5M of investments, the stinking Liberal McGuintyites are taking the $5M from our general tax revenue when they have completely liquid assets.