Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference on Investigation Into Validity of President Obama’s Birth Certificate

I know there are  those who dispute the validity of the birth certificate.  I know there are conspiracy theorists.  But I guess if someone in the position of Sheriff conducts a formal investigation, it should at least be made public and then disputed or not disputed.  Prepare yourself for an hour of interesting information to say the least that questions the validity of the Birth Certificate that was presented as that of Barack Obama.

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Is President Obama OfficiallyScrewed?

“Professional” Media Commentators Outted as New Democrats (5 Years After I Called One Of Them Out)


Back in February 2007, I wrote this (at the end of a blog post)

Mr. Attaran should produce a bit more evidence before making allegations as he has.
Judge him for yourself. Mr. Attaran has written for the Globe and Mail (left leaning), The Washington Post (left leaning), The New York Times (VERY left leaning) and his previous employer was the “Sierra Legal Defence Fund” (Granola crunching, left leaning, tree hugging, legal action group).
I think Mr. Attaran should come clean. His actions indicate he wants Canada out of Afghanistan. Just like his buddy Jack Layton.
ADDENDUM: Actually, Mr. Attaran is quoted on page 3 of one of Alexa McDonough’s “Global Perspectives” flyers from 2003

And finally someone in the main stream media has caught on. And once again it is the Sun Media chain that breaks the story so many others choose to ignore.

And the unsuccessful NDP leadership campaign of Ottawa MP Paul Dewar accepted a $1,200 donation from University of Ottawa law prof Amir Attaran>

Go Right Young Man. Go Right.

My wife calls me an idealogue thinking I always side with the Conservative Party of Canada. Today however, I am upset at two items on the agenda.

1) The expansion of funding to the CBC. James Moore (as pointed out by Ezra Levant) is being mocked by the brass at CBC and being effectively called a lapdog now that they have funding increases coming. This is NOT what most conservatives feel should be happening and I join in the chorus of those who think the budget of the CBC should either be slowly trimmed back $100M a year for 11 years until they have learned to swim on their own or simply cut it all at once and let them sink or swim on the merits of their work.

And more importantly,

2) As pointed out by Mark Steyn, the new criminal omnibus bill has a clause that will make it a two year prison term to link to a website spewing hate speech. The vagueness of this or the risk of errant links is too great. But the reality is that hate speech is free speech. At the Conservative policy convention in Winnipeg, the party unanimously voted to scrap section 13 on hate speech. So why are we reinforcing it? I was in Winnipeg. The support was incredible to move towards free speech above all.

Some have labelled Steyn’s site a hate speech site. Well I link there and am proud to say I link there. I guess I’ll wait for the internet cops to track me down and toss me in jail for 2 years.

So I am bringing both of these points directly to my MP and letting him know that I am not happy about this. When we won a majority, I thought we would be leaning further right, but it seems that on these issues we are just riding up the middle of the road just like our predecessors.

Censorship Seems To Be a One Way Street. Direction? Left.

When an artist creates a painting of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung, the left leaning art lovers flock to support the artist.

Yet when a great rock song (another form of art) contains the word “faggot” the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council bans it.

Now, I am neither advocating or criticizing either piece of art.  My only two concerns are:

a)  If art lovers defend and protect one, they should defend and protect the other and if they condemn one they should condemn the other.  i.e. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


b) I do not want my tax dollars supporting either.  Let art stand on its’ own merits.  If people love the painting, they will flock to the exhibit to make sure the artist and the exhibitioners are rewarded.  And if people love the song, then people will flock to buy the album/CD etc to support the artist and production studio.

Disclosure:  I did not view the art.  I do own the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms CD.

Globe’s Jeffrey Simpson Glosses Over The Truth – Ford was NOT the only clear shift to the right during Ontario municipal elections.

Today on CTV’s Question Period, one of the caretakers at the “Mop ‘n’ Pail” newspaper glosses over the ripple effect taking place by stating a moderate was elected in Ottawa. Mr. Simpson should look deeper than the mayoral elections.

Ottawa had it’s epiphany 4 years ago when we elected in businessman Larry O’Brien to the Mayor’s chair because we were tired of the same old left leaning values. Yet the citizen’s of Ottawa did not at that time give the Mayor a supporting cast of councilors. How do we know the change was desired? Because in the 2003 election, 180,000 voters turned out, yet 300,000 turned out to elect Larry O’Brien in 2006.

And this election, Ottawa did indeed elect a moderate, yet fiscally prudent man in Jim Watson, (who has straddled both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative camps in his career), yet this time the electorate knew the mayor was only one vote. So they got smart and the council itself made a MAJOR shift to the right.

In 2006 Ottawa re-elected EVERY incumbent councilor who ran. In 2010, Ottawa ousted 6 councillors and had 4 ridings up for grabs where no incumbent was running. This is how the 10 wards played out.

Ward 7 – Bay Ward – Extreme Lefty and long term councillor Alex Cullen was ousted by Liberal Mark Taylor. A shift to the right.

Ward 11 – Beacon Hill/Cyrville – Lefty Michel Bellemare was ousted by moderate Tim Tierney. A shift to the right.

Ward 12 – Rideau/Vanier – Lefty Georges Bédard ousted by moderate Mathieu Fleury. A shift to the right.

Ward 13 – Rideau/Rockcliffe – Conservative Peter Clark beat out 9 other candidates.

Ward 15 – Kitchissippi – Lefty and now 1 term councilor Christine Leadman ousted by newcomer and moderate Katherine Hobbs. A shift to the right.

Ward 17 – Capital – David Chernushenko, who is a well known Green Party member lined up very well with past Green Party leader Jim Harris who was a conservative. i.e. Chernushenko comes from the conservative side of the Greens and not the whacko “get in front of a harpoon boat in a rubber dinghy” envirofanatic side of the Green Party. Considering the area is represented federally by a New Democrat and was where lefty Clive Doucet sat on council last term, this is also a clear shift to the right.

Ward 19 – Cumberland – Wishy Washy middle of the road Rob Jellett was replaced by conservative Stephen Blais. Clear shift to the right.

Ward 21 – Rideau/Goulbourn – moderate to right leaning Glenn Brooks and long time councilor was ousted by youngster and rising conservative star Scott Moffatt. Slight shift to the right.

And last but likely the most prominent shift took place in Ward 23 – Kanata South. Lefty Peggy Feltmate, who was endorsed by previous lefty Alex Munter chose to endorse NDP supporter Aaron Helleman. The ward is traditionally conservative at the federal and provincial levels and when party affiliations came out among the three leading candidates, the clear winner was conservative Allan Hubley.

The remaining ward, Knoxdale-Merivale elected Keith Egli. I am not sure of Egli’s leanings but suspect he is a moderate meaning minimal shift in any direction.

But all in all the residents of Ottawa corrected a mistake they made 4 years ago and gave their mayor a clearly right leaning council. Hallelujah!!

So Simpson can preach that Ford’s election was a one shot move to the right in Ontario. But he would be clearly wrong as we have shown.

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking and Smoking Pot On Break

This video at this link is worth “300” words so go watch it.  These Chrysler workers out in the “Town & Country” of Detroit, USA were caught not being “Patriot”s.  Their moral “Compass” has gone out the window.  After their “Commander” in Chief took your tax dollars, “Ram”med legislation through congress he took those dollars, bought a big chunk of the auto industry and gave it to the unions.

Well this reporter caught these “owners” out in the parking lot on break drinking brewskis out of a brown paper bag and some appeared to be smoking pot.  What I love is watching them all “Dodge” his question and hop into their cars and take off.  Simply Priceless.

Let’s see what the Union says about this one.  I am willing to bet that major grievances are filed now that they have been suspended without pay.  Let’s see how far this goes.

Why Is Media Ignoring Oliver Stone’s Anti-Semitic Statements?

Oliver Stone with Hugo Chavez
Oliver Stone with Hugo Chavez

Media double standard comes to forefront as all three major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC ignore left leaning Oliver Stone’s anti-Semitic rant. The full credit for all these stats should be given to Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe.

When Mel Gibson teed off (drunk) on a Malibu police officer the following happened:

  • 1,077 articles appeared on Nexis about his rant
  • New York Times made it a page 1 story, and followed up with two more days of much longer stories
  • LA Times made it on page 1 for three days with several stories inside the covers
  • Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said cut him no slack
  • Baba Wawa (Barbara Walters) on The View said she would not go see another Mel Gibson movie ever again
  • Slate ostracized Gibson

But when Oliver Stone tees off (sober) about how Jewish dominated media prevents Hitler from being seen in the right context……well you be the judge.

  • Nexis has fewer than 150 stories on Stone’s statements
  • ABC, CBS and NBC news programs have ZERO coverage of Stone’s rant
  • The New York Times covers it briefly in two small clips in their “Arts, Briefly” section
  • Slate was silent
  • An LA Times blogger practically defended Stone

Now don’t mistake the point of my article. Both men said some pretty bad things about Jews. In no way do we condone any of them. The whole reason this post exists is to point out that the Main Stream Media can easily be dubbed the Drive By Smeardia and the slant is determined by how left or right leaning someone is.

In my opinion, Gibson got OfficiallyScrewed (and deserved it). But Stone got a slap on the wrist (and deserved to get OfficiallyScrewed too).

Goretesque: A Definition

Goretesque: adj. To portend to be an environmentalist and then buy your 4th mansion. ex. “Muffy and Bif are so Goretesque. They just bought an $8.875M home in Montecito as a getaway from their getaway in the French riviera.”

adv.Goretesquely. ex. “He Goretesquely railed against rising oil prices from the front seat of his H3 Hummer.”

Al Gore's newest playpen.  You too can have one for $8.875 Million

Free Speech In America A Target For Another Obama Czar With Marxist Ties

I demand that you read my blog exactly as much as you read National Newswatch, Stephen Taylor, Small Dead Animals, Blue Like You and Chuckercanuck.

Ok, maybe that’s asking a bit much and you probably want to know what I’m smoking to make such a demand. But it’s the equivalent of what Barack Obama’s FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd wants in places like talk radio, television and yes, even the internet via taxation and subsidies.  Can you imagine the outcry if a blogger like me got a subsidy to sit at home and dole out trash while good ole Chucker had to pay a tax for every blog post he put up?

You see, in the USA there was something called the Fairness Doctrine. It gave lefties the right to have as much airtime as conservative broadcasters. And in a wise move, Ronald Reagan got rid of it and the Supreme Court of America agreed with him because the diversity and choice exists in enough abundance that government mandated equality is no longer needed.

Well the aforementioned Mark Lloyd appears to have ties to an outfit called  But does not believe in Free Press. It’s founder, Robert McChesney was the co-editor of “Monthly Review” for a time. Monthly review is as socialist as you can get. By it’s own admission it fights against an Imperialistic America. Mark Lloyd is friends with good ole Bob McChesney.

Now would you be surprised to find out that Bob McChesney has called the Monthly Review “one of the most important Marxist publications in the world, let alone the United States.”?  That should tell you something about him.

And would you be surprised to find out that Mark Lloyd also knows avowed Marxist Van Jones? Do you remember Van Jones? The Marxist Obama made the Green Jobs Czar. You know him. He’s the one who resigned a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t stop there.  The rat’s nest of marxists infiltrating the Obama Administration grows.  The FCC chairman Julius Genachowski named as his press secretary the former spokesperson Jen Howard.  Co-een-kee-dink?  I think not. is working hard to take control of the FCC so they can start to enforce equal time on the airwaves and the internet.

i.e. they are doing exactly what I mockingly tried to do in the first paragraph of this blogpost.

So let’s see put a few pieces together here.  Barack Obama states that we should judge him by who he surrounds himself with.  He chose avowed Marxist Van Jones as his Green Jobs Czar.  Then he chose Mark Lloyd to be his FCC diversity Czar and Lloyd turns out to be a tied to the hip of Marxists/Socialists.  So what are we to think? I’ll tell you what I think.

America?  Be afraid…be very afraid.