Go Right Young Man. Go Right.

My wife calls me an idealogue thinking I always side with the Conservative Party of Canada. Today however, I am upset at two items on the agenda.

1) The expansion of funding to the CBC. James Moore (as pointed out by Ezra Levant) is being mocked by the brass at CBC and being effectively called a lapdog now that they have funding increases coming. This is NOT what most conservatives feel should be happening and I join in the chorus of those who think the budget of the CBC should either be slowly trimmed back $100M a year for 11 years until they have learned to swim on their own or simply cut it all at once and let them sink or swim on the merits of their work.

And more importantly,

2) As pointed out by Mark Steyn, the new criminal omnibus bill has a clause that will make it a two year prison term to link to a website spewing hate speech. The vagueness of this or the risk of errant links is too great. But the reality is that hate speech is free speech. At the Conservative policy convention in Winnipeg, the party unanimously voted to scrap section 13 on hate speech. So why are we reinforcing it? I was in Winnipeg. The support was incredible to move towards free speech above all.

Some have labelled Steyn’s site a hate speech site. Well I link there and am proud to say I link there. I guess I’ll wait for the internet cops to track me down and toss me in jail for 2 years.

So I am bringing both of these points directly to my MP and letting him know that I am not happy about this. When we won a majority, I thought we would be leaning further right, but it seems that on these issues we are just riding up the middle of the road just like our predecessors.

Pink Floyd Music Still Tearing Down Walls

I remember living in Toronto and watching The Wall at The Wall during a lightning storm back in the summer of 1990. The song was so representative of the Berlin Wall that had fallen some 8 months earlier. But since the day Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall, it has also come to symbolize freedom and breaking free of political bonds. And in 2010 it is once again turning into an anthem thanks to the sons of Iranian immigrants living in Canada.

Blurred Vision is their name and below is a link to a song that is quickly gaining an underground cult following. According to FoxNews, Roger Waters has given this song his full blessing as he has been an outspoken critic of Iran’s human rights policies.

Sylvester The Cat Elected To Birdcage Safety Panel

In the news today, Sylvester the Cat was elected to sit on the panel responsible with determining the safety guidelines and regulations on bird cages. He made it clear that he feels the tensile strength regulations on bird cages are too stringent and that cost reductions can be realized if a thinner material was used for the wireframes. He also felt that all bird cages should be within three feet of the ground for better viewing by children. The panel will be releasing their final report soon.

In a similar story, Homer Simpson was elected to sit on the Board of Directors for the Vegan Society of America. He overcame setbacks such as his past quote “If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made it taste so good.” and “MMmmmmm….Porkchops….” He SAYS he’s reformed and the Board felt he was being genuine in his denouncement of the statements.

And additionally, Iran has been elected to the United Nations Commission on Women’s Rights. Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket made it clear that the Iranian policy to stone women who have a tan is simply an effort to minimize skin cancer rates in the hot middle eastern country. Three women were not found to refute his testimony on this fact so it must be true.

Talk about being OfficiallyScrewed.