Thoughts On The Last Few Days In Canadian Politics

The moment someone labels you something so outrageously false a few things happen.  There is an immediate sense of anger, of defensiveness and even some sense to retaliate. But as calmer heads prevail, you start to think about a) why did they think this, b) how do I convince them this is not true, and most importantly to me c) how can we break away from the cycle spewing vitriol at each other pushing us further and further apart and building walls made with not just bricks but with hatred.

I have been thinking long and hard about what I have seen on my social media the past few days and, to be frank, I am quite disappointed in many of those on all sides of the political spectrum.

Yes, like many, I was quite disturbed at the photos. But I am also extremely upset at those who are being obnoxious about it. The most egregious ones are those who have worked hardest to get away from the false accusations which have been thrown their way for simply being on the right side of the political spectrum. Would it not make for a better world if we all simply took a few breaths when it comes to using the turn “racist” and think about the damaging ramifications it carries with it should someone be incorrectly labelled?

There is enough hypocrisy going around for everyone to wear some of it. And yes, one in particular may need to wear it more. But simply saying “well YOU were worse than me.” is not good enough to better our society. It is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Because if it is, we are all officiallyscrewed.

European Union (1993-2012?)

You were born in 1993. The world watched as you crawled along. Being all cute and everything while your teeth popped out one by one.

In 1995 your terrible two’s hit. The Srebrenica massacre in 1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed you were still unable to control yourself as you stumbled and scraped your knee. So big uncle NATO stepped in to clean up the scrape and make it all better.

Over the next decade you had your typical growing pains. Financial ocncerns, 10 new members in 2004 and the largest trans-national election in history.

Then hit your teens and another growth spurt in 2008-2009. My how you were growing.

Then it started. The financial coughing. Mommy Merkel and Daddy Sarkozy tried their best. They gave you some cough syrup and told you it would be better if you stayed out of the cold. But you didn’t. The phlegm became blood in the streets of Greece. They tried to give you more medicine. But it wasn’t enough. Your cough became bronchitis and then pneumonia.

And now here you lie. A mere 18 years old. On the verge of death.

For tomorrow two elections take place. Greece will likely see a minority government that may take decades to work itself out. And it’s hard to believe that after decades and decades of deficit budgets, even France is going to move even further left if they toss Sarkozy out (which is looking to be likely).

And I am sure Germany is tired. Oh so tired. Many are longing for the Deutschmark to come back so they can stop giving unwanted medicine.

Is the EU in it’s final death throes? Is the EU OfficiallyScrewed?

How Dalton McGuinty is Raping and Pillaging Ontario Residents

Here are two simple ways Yellow Bellied McShifty is hitting me in the wallet.

My Enbridge bill showed up. This is for a low month where I used very little natural gas.

My HST on this bill was $25.27.

My Hydro bill showed up. This was for a two month period.

My HST on the electricity was $44.20
My HST on the Delivery, regulatory charges, etc. was $28.18
My Debt Retirement Charge was $30.00
Divide these by two (for a one month average) and you get $51.19

The total of my monthly HST and debt retirement charge is $76.46. The debt retirement charge was supposed to be all paid off in 2012. But McGuinty has extended it for SIX YEARS to 2018 as I have told you all before. He is RAPING our wallets.

Extrapolate to a 12 month year and the money that I will save if Hudak knocks that lying McGuinty out of office is $917.52. Tim Hudak and the PC Party has said they will eliminate the HST on electricity and natural gas bills as well as eliminate the debt retirement charge.

What could YOU do with an additional $900 in your wallet every year?

On October 6th, vote for Tim Hudak.

On Bob Rae Being Appointed Interim Leader Of The Liberal Party. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

When Stockwell Day was the leader of the Alliance he got painted as a religious right zealot by the Liberals and the press ate it up.

When Stephen Harper took over leadership of the Alliance and eventually the Conservative Party of Canada he was painted as “Scary” Stephen Harper with his Hidden Agenda by the Liberals and the press.

When Stephane Dion became leader of the Liberal Party of Canada he was painted as the incompetent professor who was the environment minister but let emissions rise by the Conservatives and somewhat by the press.

When Michael Ignatieff took over the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, he was painted as an “Americano” who was out of the country for 3 decades and came back to be Prime Minister. He was just a visitor. This is what the Conservative advertisements told us.

So if you were the Liberals and you wanted to avoid having your leader painted for two years with Conservative advertising on some negative issue and you needed a reprieve for…oh let’s say 18 months…so your new leader could rebrand himself with the press, would it not be prudent to buy that time somehow?

Would appointing him “interim leader” and then changing your rules before convention to let him run for the official leadership be a wise thing to do? I think it would.

So my advice to the Conservative Party. Dip into that war chest you just built up with Convention attendee fees and start painting Bob Rae as Buffalo Bob. Start telling the Canadian public how his term was so bad that the NDP didn’t win a single seat in Ontario in 1993.

Because if the Liberal Party pulls a fast one and puts him in as leader in 18 months, it may be too late to brand him if he has branded himself.

I’m just sayin…

Tim Hudak Vows to Cancel Samsung Deal…But Won’t

Fact: Samsung is not GETTING $7B. They are INVESTING $7B in Ontario in exchange for tax breaks. (some believe to be in the neighbourhood of $500M).

Fact: Tim Hudak has said he will cancel the contract.

Prediction: Tim Hudak’s first speech as Premiere about the Samsung deal will go like this:

“After throughly analyzing the contract that the previous Liberal government signed with Samsung, we have discovered that the contract is so far along that to cancel it now would be an undue burden on the tax payers and would not be prudent. We sincerely believe to sign the contract was a travesty but at this point there is not much we can do but to honour it in the best interest of Ontarians.”

I’m just sayin….