Censorship Seems To Be a One Way Street. Direction? Left.

When an artist creates a painting of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung, the left leaning art lovers flock to support the artist.

Yet when a great rock song (another form of art) contains the word “faggot” the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council bans it.

Now, I am neither advocating or criticizing either piece of art.  My only two concerns are:

a)  If art lovers defend and protect one, they should defend and protect the other and if they condemn one they should condemn the other.  i.e. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


b) I do not want my tax dollars supporting either.  Let art stand on its’ own merits.  If people love the painting, they will flock to the exhibit to make sure the artist and the exhibitioners are rewarded.  And if people love the song, then people will flock to buy the album/CD etc to support the artist and production studio.

Disclosure:  I did not view the art.  I do own the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms CD.

America Stimulus A Booming Success – 55 New Jobs in Los Angeles And It Only Cost Americans $111 Million


In an unprecedented successful stimulus story, the glorious city of angels has created or retained a whopping 55 jobs!

“I’m disappointed that we’ve only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million,” said Wendy Greuel, the city’s controller.

For you math buffs out there, that’s just a little over $2,000,000 per job created.

So why do I feel that this is a success and not a complete and utter failure?

Because L.A. is full of movie stars and musicians. Even Forbes states that from 2008 to 2009 the top 15 celebrities earned a combined and astronomical $1.6 BILLION, thus averaging almost $107 Million per person. So $2 Million per job  seems like a bargain doesn’t it?  Well doesn’t it??

Now the next time you see a famous star slamming the politics of the right and promoting the politics of the left, pay attention. They make a sick amount of dough compared to you and they know better than you.

<facetiousness off>

Could they not have just paid each of these 55 bozos $100,000 each and saved $105.5 Million?

American Tax Payers … OfficiallyScrewed … again.

Pink Floyd Music Still Tearing Down Walls

I remember living in Toronto and watching The Wall at The Wall during a lightning storm back in the summer of 1990. The song was so representative of the Berlin Wall that had fallen some 8 months earlier. But since the day Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall, it has also come to symbolize freedom and breaking free of political bonds. And in 2010 it is once again turning into an anthem thanks to the sons of Iranian immigrants living in Canada.

Blurred Vision is their name and below is a link to a song that is quickly gaining an underground cult following. According to FoxNews, Roger Waters has given this song his full blessing as he has been an outspoken critic of Iran’s human rights policies.

He Woulda Been 68 Today

68 Years ago today one of musics legendary figures was born. I really wanted to showcase the man so below you will see a clip that really gives you a good look at his fingers dancing across the frets. The song is “Deal” and the band behind him is the Jerry Garcia Band.

Very few outside of Deadheads ever put him up there in terms of guitar skill.  Perhaps this clip will open a few more eyes. Hit the vid.

Jerome John Garcia  (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

Saturday Night Jam Session

This comes via an old fraternity brother of mine whom I have hooked up with again by way of Facebook. Thanks Paul. The sheer enjoyment that exudes from both of these musicians is clearly obvious and is reflected in the beauty of the jam.

This is Guitarist  Tommy Emmanuel and Uke phenomenon Jake Shimabukuro playing George Harrison’s “While my guitar gently weeps” on stage together in Holland (we believe).

Hit the video to have it play.

Furthur Part 7 – Mann Center in Philadelphia

We’re here. Scene’s better than Mohawk or Ottawa.  Vendors abound.  I resist the temptation to buy a veggie burrito for old times sake.  We have pretty good seats in orchestra B row B just right of centre.  It’s not as hot as Ottawa and we’re in the shade which is nice.

Set 1:

Feel Like A Stranger
Shakedown Street>
Money For Gasoline,
Magnolia Mountain
Lost Sailor>
Saint Of Circumstance
In The Midnight Hour

Set 2:
Mountains Of The Moon>
St. Stephen,
Blues For Allah
Terrapin Station Suite,
Let It Grow
Morning Dew,
Unbroken Chain>
The Wheel,
Not Fade Away

E: Brokedown Palace

Of note.  Three Phil tunes and his voice was great at 70 years old.  Kadlecik was simply smoking during Morning Dew.  Joe Russo was awesome during the Terrapin Suite.  Unbroken Chain was great.

p.s. I got my Philly Cheesesteak at a little brew pub called the Sly Fox.  Their Royal Weisse was a REALLY smooth wheat beer.  Kudo’s to their brewmeister.