I Wonder What He Would Do At The Ottawa Airport Where Parking Fees Are $18/Day

Chris Brown is a cheapskate.. The guy is a celebrity and heaven knows he isn’t hurting for the cash.

Singer Chris Brown isn’t exactly Hollywood’s most lovable character. And he certainly didn’t do himself any favors when he flipped out on a valet at a Los Angeles bowling alley over a $10 parking fee.

However, that $10 was apparently enough to send the 23-year-old millionaire over the edge.

“F**k ten dollars,” Brown said to the valet attendant before threatening him. “Give me my keys or we’re going to turn this whole spot up.”

I can safely (and proudly) say, I have never bought a Chris Brown record, CD, MP3, video. And if he came on the radio while I was driving, I wouldn’t even know it was him.

Not only is Chris Brown a cheapskate, but in my book he’s a doofus.

America Stimulus A Booming Success – 55 New Jobs in Los Angeles And It Only Cost Americans $111 Million


In an unprecedented successful stimulus story, the glorious city of angels has created or retained a whopping 55 jobs!

“I’m disappointed that we’ve only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million,” said Wendy Greuel, the city’s controller.

For you math buffs out there, that’s just a little over $2,000,000 per job created.

So why do I feel that this is a success and not a complete and utter failure?

Because L.A. is full of movie stars and musicians. Even Forbes states that from 2008 to 2009 the top 15 celebrities earned a combined and astronomical $1.6 BILLION, thus averaging almost $107 Million per person. So $2 Million per job  seems like a bargain doesn’t it?  Well doesn’t it??

Now the next time you see a famous star slamming the politics of the right and promoting the politics of the left, pay attention. They make a sick amount of dough compared to you and they know better than you.

<facetiousness off>

Could they not have just paid each of these 55 bozos $100,000 each and saved $105.5 Million?

American Tax Payers … OfficiallyScrewed … again.

Why Is Media Ignoring Oliver Stone’s Anti-Semitic Statements?

Oliver Stone with Hugo Chavez
Oliver Stone with Hugo Chavez

Media double standard comes to forefront as all three major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC ignore left leaning Oliver Stone’s anti-Semitic rant. The full credit for all these stats should be given to Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe.

When Mel Gibson teed off (drunk) on a Malibu police officer the following happened:

  • 1,077 articles appeared on Nexis about his rant
  • New York Times made it a page 1 story, and followed up with two more days of much longer stories
  • LA Times made it on page 1 for three days with several stories inside the covers
  • Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said cut him no slack
  • Baba Wawa (Barbara Walters) on The View said she would not go see another Mel Gibson movie ever again
  • Slate ostracized Gibson

But when Oliver Stone tees off (sober) about how Jewish dominated media prevents Hitler from being seen in the right context……well you be the judge.

  • Nexis has fewer than 150 stories on Stone’s statements
  • ABC, CBS and NBC news programs have ZERO coverage of Stone’s rant
  • The New York Times covers it briefly in two small clips in their “Arts, Briefly” section
  • Slate was silent
  • An LA Times blogger practically defended Stone

Now don’t mistake the point of my article. Both men said some pretty bad things about Jews. In no way do we condone any of them. The whole reason this post exists is to point out that the Main Stream Media can easily be dubbed the Drive By Smeardia and the slant is determined by how left or right leaning someone is.

In my opinion, Gibson got OfficiallyScrewed (and deserved it). But Stone got a slap on the wrist (and deserved to get OfficiallyScrewed too).

Inspiration Moved Me Brightly

Bizarro world collided with NeverNeverLand this past week for me.  On Tuesday June 29th I received a very unexpected and very welcome invitation from the PMO to attend a special dinner in the presence of Her Majesty and His Royal Highness at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.  At first I thought I was on an episode of Punk’d or that my kids had submitted something to Pranked.  But as I quickly realized this was simply reality.  So in a whirlwind I made sure I was black tied and Monday morning I hit the road for Toronto.

Arrival at the Royal York was a zoo with the power outage in that part of the city.  Of more concern to me was the potential for a lack of air conditioning.  Being a big man, I overheat quite easily.  The cocktail room was quite spectacular and while mingling, I quickly ran into a couple of familiar faces.  Three of them being past or present Blogging Tories.  Matt from A Step To The Right, Dr. Roy from Dr. Roy’s Blog and Sean from The Politic.

The crowd was prepped on how the introductions to HM and HRH would go down.  It still all seems a bit surreal to me but real enough none the less.  As the crowd waited for the introductions the power came on (thank Goodness!!). We slowly made our way behind the white curtain to meet the Royals.

When my turn came up, the greeter was dressed in his finest military and as he checked my invitation card I thanked him for his service.  He seemed pleasantly taken aback at my remark but seemed to appreciate it.  The announcer confirmed the pronounciation of my name and proceeded to announce me to Her Majesty and His Royal Highness.  I stepped forward first towards the Prime Minister who smiled and greeted me with a firm handshake.  He said it was nice that I could make it .  I then took a step to my right and Her Majesty held her gloved hand out, so as I took it, I bowed and greeted her as well.  Similarly, the Duke of Edinburgh extended a hand to me.  I was quite honoured to receive this formal of a greeting.  Then in her usual friendly self, Mrs. Harper greeted me last and said it was a pleasure to see me again.  The whole process seemed to be a blur to me but it was clear enough for me to know I was in the presence of a truly magnificent institution and heritage and one of the most magnificent monarchs our race will ever know.

Then as Her Majesty entered the whole group joined the singing of God Save The Queen.  It was quite moving.  The speeches and dinner were delightful and the unveiling of a new Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit was interesting to say the least.

As coffee and dessert were served, the group was  serenaded by the Four Canadian Tenors who are world renowned already.  I was especially moved by the second song which was not fully understood as it was mostly in French but I know it was about Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and La Esmerelda.

Then shortly after this, the Four Tenors sang the National Anthem and once again the crowd joined in.  After this the Royals left the dinner and the crowd mingled quite a bit taking photos in front of the exhibit.  I snuck a couple of the roses from the table and am drying them for the shadowbox.

I did get a few moments to speak with Minister Jason Kenney about inroads into the Greek community, congratulate Minister Flaherty on holding the world at bay on a bank tax, and I got to let Senator Duffy know that a friend of ours is running for Ottawa City Council.  I also got a chance to see Lois Brown again and I met Peter Kent for the first time.  He was very charming.  As was Michael Chong and his wife.

Some photos/items from the evening. (more to come I am sure)

 The Four Canadian Tenors
The Four Canadian Tenors
Matt and I
Matt and I
 Minister Rona Ambrose and Me
Minister Rona Ambrose and Me
 Blogging Tories After Dinner with Her Majesty
Blogging Tories After Dinner with Her Majesty
Blogging Tories with Kara Johnson of National Council
Blogging Tories with Kara Johnson of National Council

Sir Paul McCartney Never Learned That People In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

Sir Paul McCartney, the man who has more money than brains (just ask his ex-wife Heather Mills), made this remark the other night.

McCartney thanked the audience and noted how nice it was to receive the award from the Library of Congress, and “in fact, after the last eight years it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

Let’s compare.

Elementary School
George W. Bush – Yes
Paul McCartney – Yes

Secondary School
George W. Bush – Yes
Paul McCartney – Yes

George W. Bush – Yes (Yale)
Paul McCartney – No

Business School
George W. Bush – Yes (Harvard no less and the ONLY U.S. President to have earned an MBA)
Paul McCartney – No

Marriage classes?
George W. Bush (not sure but he’s still married to his sweetheart and probably treats her like gold)
Paul McCartney – Probably not but he sure knows how to pay through the nose for a divorce.

Sir Paul should be a bit more careful with his wise cracks.

Comparing Bieber Blocker to Hitler is Simply OfficiallyScrewed

I fully agree that free speech means Justin Bieber can sing where he wants, have whomever he wants market him, show up on any channel willing to air him and any computer screen that doesn’t break from the screaling teens who sit and drool over this young man.

However, I also think if someone is ingenious enough to figure out how to block something he/she does not want to see, then good on them.  This is exactly what Greg Leuch has done.  His Bieber blocker dubbed Shaved Bieber may be a Godsend to many, but it is also now sparking death threats to the young programmer.

But after Leuch posted the application to a free technology website, word started to get around, and the backlash began. He started getting hate mail from around the world, sent by angry fans of the teen idol from Stratford, Ont.

“I hate you because you invented Shaved Bieber. Justin Bieber is the best,” one wrote.

Another even threatened Leuch’s life: “I know many things about you and I know where you live. Just be aware I might appear behind you and shoot you with a gun.”

Another compared him to Hitler: “What you’re doing is going back to World War II all over again. Hitler wanted to erase Jews from society, you want to erase justin Drew Bieber.”

Leuch is taking it all in stride, and said he is more bemused than worried. He offered a light-hearted response to the backlash:

“Oops,” he said. “Umm, I mean I really did not expect all this fan backlash, so oops.”

Comparing the Bieberblocker to Hitler might be a little OfficiallyScrewed.

Now to find out if I can find a similar program to block Apple I-product commercials!!!