What We Say What We Mean
Big Smoke Toronto
Blood Shooting Out Of My Eyes A popular expression Glenn Beck uses to describe incredible anger and disgust.
CLM Career Limiting Move
Cookie My daughter
Dat Der Guy From Shawinigan Jean Chretien
Dipper NDP Supporter
Environmentalistas Environmentalist Guerilla Types
Grit Liberal Supporter
GTA Greater Toronto Area
H/T Hat Tip – A blogger’s form of thank you
Iggy Michael Ignatieff
Michael Zsohar Michael Ignatieff
Mop and Pail Globe and Mail (newspaper)
MSM Main Stream Media
POI Point Of Information
PMPM Prime Minister Paul Martin
PMSH Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Shhhaving Cream Manure
Smackdown A quick comeback to a verbal attack
T-Bone My son
The Weasel Scot Brison
Tory Conservative Supporter
Yellow-Bellied McShifty Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty