Liberal Strategists Using Herb Tarlek Defence

It seems the Liberals are up to their old tricks again.  With Justin Trudeau under fire for not really being a feminist (and Nick Nanos confirmed his 20 point lead with women has frittered away to just a 5 point lead) the Liberal females in Caucus have started the repetitious campaign of using identical language in a branding effort.  I always wondered where this idea came from.  I think it was part of Saul Alinsky’s rule 13 for Radicals, but I think it hit it’s perfect culmination back in the mid 2000’s when the Liberals thought the Harper Conservatives had “no plan”.  (click to view an old video we made)

But I think I need to call this the Herb Tarlek tactic.  Click video which will start at about the 12 minute mark.

Kevin James In New Paul Blart Movie? Wearing Robes, He's In Briefs and He's In Drag!

I figure using this blog is my one shot at becoming a Saturday Night Live writer.  So here goes.

Kevin James, after a successful run as the King of Queens, and big screen success with Paul Blart: Mall Cop is back.  And this time he’s in drag.  After his success in saving the mall, Paul Blart starts a private investigator firm and goes deep deep deep undercover as a female lawyer named Elena.  He is so successful that he ends up getting posted to be the Dean of Harvard Business School  His mission almost gets exposed when he get’s nominated by President Barack Obama to be a Supreme Court Justice.

That’s right.  A Supreme Court Justice in…

Paul Blart 2:  Washington Mall Cop.
Kevin JamesElena Kagan

That’s James in the photo above…on the left.

That’s Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice nominee on the right. (I swear!!)

Lorne Michaels…you’re welcome.  Just email me at mulder at officiallyscrewed dot com to find out where to send my writer’s fee and residuals whenever Kevin James hosts the show in the future!!

I'm Waiting For The Man, $26 In My Hand

It’s a hot sticky Friday night. Since I look like a narc, I have made sure I haven’t shaved for three days, toss an old Grateful Dead T-Shirt and a beaten up Ottawa Senators hat and head down to Lowertown in Ottawa. As I glide my Honda through the streets, I keep an eye overhead for a sign.

About 5 minutes in, I spot them. An old pair of sneakers tangled up in the overhead wiring. I slowly pull my truck over and wait.

Out of the darknes a shady looking guy with an oversized T-shirt and baggy pants comes over and leans in the window of my truck.

    “Whatcha want man?”

    “Whatcha got?”, I ask.

    “I have some Killer X, man.”

    “Killex?? I’ll take three cans.”, I reply.

    “How about some weed, my friend. You interested in some weed?”

    “Sure”, I say, “Weedex is perfect. Give me two big bottles.”

    “How about some fungus, man? You need some fungus?”

    “Damn straight I reply. Give me a couple of batches of antifungal.”

    “Now man … you need some doses?”

    “Nah… but I’ll have me some nice roses.” I reply. “See you next year my friend.”

This may seem a bit farfetched. But is it really? Look what happens when cigarettes hit $7 or $8 a pack? Everyone and their brother starts buying them out of the back of some guys trunk who has a friend who knows the cousin of the secretary for an agency that hires a manpower guy who used to fix cars for a mechanic who also fixes the car of some lady whose son knows a guy with a boat that skims from a native reserve to and from Cornwall weekly.

In addition to Premier of Ontario, Yellow Bellied McShifty, announcing that the use of chemical pesticides use will be banned, this past week the Supreme Court of Canada said that random searches are illegal, which sent left leaning ACLU types partying into the streets.

This begs the question…

If I have a stash of these illegal pesticides hidden under a tarp in my garage, would having a beautiful, safe, green lawn be enough probable cause for the cops to search my home for the contraban?

Judicial Committees Need The Insight Of Law Enforcement Officers

Yesterday, in the Sun, Greg Weston had a piece titled Tory Control Freaks.

This was a piece about how the recent changes to the judicial committee makeup will change things forever.

Usually Mr. Weston has some pretty good insights and I enjoy when he gets a chance to sit in on Duffy or other interview shows. But this time, Greg has missed the mark.

1) As we have heard, the 50+ judges the Tories appointed last year were all recommended by the previous panel which the Liberals put together.

2) Greg shoots himself in the foot with this statement:

True, many of these judges — maybe even most of them — got where they are with a little help from their respective political pals.

This admission by Greg is pretty accurate which means that after 13 years of Liberal government, the majority of judges appointed the past 13 years will obviously be leaning towards Liberal ideals. This is not a right wing neo-con complaint as Greg says, but it is simply fact. He basically said it himself in the quote above.

3) This third point is very critical. The committee used to be 7 members. It used to contain
* a nominee of the provincial or territorial law society;
* a nominee of the provincial or territorial branch of the Canadian Bar Association;
* a judge nominated by the Chief Justice or senior judge of the province or territory;
* a nominee of the provincial Attorney General or territorial Minister of Justice; and
* 3 nominees of the federal Minister of Justice representing the general public.

Where do judges come from? In Canada they come from the lawyer pool. And as Greg mentions above, they don’t get where they are without some help from their respective political pals. By extension, this means that most lawyers and judges have a vested interest in being politically minded to some extent.

To me it does not matter what Party you are from or support. Having 4 of the 7 people influenced by politics creates an unfair playing field…especially if one party has been in power for 13 years.

The Tory plan, which is just a one year trial at this point, adds an 8th member nominated by the law enforcement community. These are the people who are out there in the communities, meeting people, seeing where law enforcement and judicial systems work and where they break down. I can’t think of a better position to provide input from two perspectives. 1) they know the community and 2) they know the judicial system.

So what happens now is that the third position, or the senior judge, does not vote unless the other seven members on the panel are deadlocked (with an abstention). This does not make any shift in the political leaning of the board, it simply adds an element that is clearly involved on a daily basis with the judiciary, WHO IS NOT PART OF THE JUDICIARY. This will help minimize the “old boys club” aspect that the Judiciary seems to have.

There will be detractors, who spew garbage like “if they want a police officer, they can appoint one with their three positions”. By this logic, any of the positions could be appointed via the governments three nominations. This would include someone from the Bar or Law Society too. I call this the “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” defense.

Now to get people like Marlene Jennings to stop quacking.

Project Polygamy – Phase Two Complete

Phase One was getting same sex marriage allowed.

They said it would never come to pass, but Phase Two is here and a child is now allowed to have “two mothers and a father” as indicated in articles at both the CTV and the Globe and Mail.

An Ontario boy can legally have two mothers and a father, the province’s highest court ruled Tuesday.

The same-sex partner of the child’s biological mother went to court seeking to also be declared a mother of the boy.

The first stage took on the definition of parents. This second phase leverages a same sex marriage into changing the NUMBER of parents a child can have.

I can guarantee you Phase Three will have a same sex couple living with the father listed as a common law couple of co-habitating for over a year.

Canada is on the verge of becoming a nation that allows polygamy. Below is a map indicating (in green) which nations allow polygamy. Click the image to view a larger version.

H/T to 905Tory and HallsOfMacadamia