On Bob Rae Being Appointed Interim Leader Of The Liberal Party. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

When Stockwell Day was the leader of the Alliance he got painted as a religious right zealot by the Liberals and the press ate it up.

When Stephen Harper took over leadership of the Alliance and eventually the Conservative Party of Canada he was painted as “Scary” Stephen Harper with his Hidden Agenda by the Liberals and the press.

When Stephane Dion became leader of the Liberal Party of Canada he was painted as the incompetent professor who was the environment minister but let emissions rise by the Conservatives and somewhat by the press.

When Michael Ignatieff took over the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, he was painted as an “Americano” who was out of the country for 3 decades and came back to be Prime Minister. He was just a visitor. This is what the Conservative advertisements told us.

So if you were the Liberals and you wanted to avoid having your leader painted for two years with Conservative advertising on some negative issue and you needed a reprieve for…oh let’s say 18 months…so your new leader could rebrand himself with the press, would it not be prudent to buy that time somehow?

Would appointing him “interim leader” and then changing your rules before convention to let him run for the official leadership be a wise thing to do? I think it would.

So my advice to the Conservative Party. Dip into that war chest you just built up with Convention attendee fees and start painting Bob Rae as Buffalo Bob. Start telling the Canadian public how his term was so bad that the NDP didn’t win a single seat in Ontario in 1993.

Because if the Liberal Party pulls a fast one and puts him in as leader in 18 months, it may be too late to brand him if he has branded himself.

I’m just sayin…

Tim Hudak Vows to Cancel Samsung Deal…But Won’t

Fact: Samsung is not GETTING $7B. They are INVESTING $7B in Ontario in exchange for tax breaks. (some believe to be in the neighbourhood of $500M).

Fact: Tim Hudak has said he will cancel the contract.

Prediction: Tim Hudak’s first speech as Premiere about the Samsung deal will go like this:

“After throughly analyzing the contract that the previous Liberal government signed with Samsung, we have discovered that the contract is so far along that to cancel it now would be an undue burden on the tax payers and would not be prudent. We sincerely believe to sign the contract was a travesty but at this point there is not much we can do but to honour it in the best interest of Ontarians.”

I’m just sayin….

OfficiallyScrewed.com 41st Canadian Election Seat Predictions

Posting red text with actual results

For the record, I will say that my numbers are educated guesses based partly on the last election, partly on the tides of change happening in this election, partly on my desire to see a stable majority government in Canada, partly on my seat by seat analysis, partly on the pollsters data and finally to throw much of this out the window, partly on my decision to move a few blocks of seats out of sheer gut instinct.

i.e. to figure out how I got these numbers, you will likely yank your hair out for hours.

In any case here they are.

Conservatives – 170 166
New Democrats – 61 103
Liberals – 57 33
Bloc Quebecois – 19 4
Green Party – a big fat goose egg 1
Independent – 1 (Sorry Helena, it ain’t you) 0

Conservative – 28 27
All other parties – 0
NDP – 1

Conservative – 25 21
NDP – 8 12
Liberal – 3 2
All others – 0
Green Party – 1

Conservative – 10 11
NDP – 4 2
All others – 0
Liberal – 1

New Brunswick:
Conservative – 8 8
Liberal – 1 1
NDP – 1 1
All others – 0

Newfoundland and Labrador
Liberal – 3 4
Conservative – 2 1
NDP – 2 2
All others – 0

Nova Scotia:
Liberal – 5 4
Conservative – 4 4
NDP – 2 3
All others – 0

Conservative – 1 1All others – 0

Conservative – 63 73
Liberal – 27 11
NDP – 16 22
All others – 0

Conservative – 2 (bubbye Wayne Easter) 1
Liberal – 2 3
All others – 0

NDP – 27 59
Bloc – 19 4
Conservative – 14 5
Liberal – 14 7
All others – 0

Conservative – 12 13
Liberal – 1 1
NDP – 1 0
All others – 0

Western Arctic:
Conservative – 1 0
All others – 0
NDP – 1

Liberal – 1 0
All Others – 0
Conservative – 1

Kevin James In New Paul Blart Movie? Wearing Robes, He's In Briefs and He's In Drag!

I figure using this blog is my one shot at becoming a Saturday Night Live writer.  So here goes.

Kevin James, after a successful run as the King of Queens, and big screen success with Paul Blart: Mall Cop is back.  And this time he’s in drag.  After his success in saving the mall, Paul Blart starts a private investigator firm and goes deep deep deep undercover as a female lawyer named Elena.  He is so successful that he ends up getting posted to be the Dean of Harvard Business School  His mission almost gets exposed when he get’s nominated by President Barack Obama to be a Supreme Court Justice.

That’s right.  A Supreme Court Justice in…

Paul Blart 2:  Washington Mall Cop.
Kevin JamesElena Kagan

That’s James in the photo above…on the left.

That’s Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice nominee on the right. (I swear!!)

Lorne Michaels…you’re welcome.  Just email me at mulder at officiallyscrewed dot com to find out where to send my writer’s fee and residuals whenever Kevin James hosts the show in the future!!

Obama Advisor and Ex Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Says VAT Not "Toxic"

President Obama advisor and former federal reserve chairman Paul Volcker starts toying with the national VAT tax. This is similar to our 5% GST and similar to the 20% seen in many European countries.

The U.S. should consider using a European-style value added tax to help bring the deficit down, said White House adviser Paul Volcker in response to a question from CBS MoneyWatch.com at a panel discussion in New York City Tuesday night. “We have to think about really revamping the tax system,” said Volcker, who’s best known for successfully beating down inflation while serving as Ronald Reagan’s Federal Reserve chairman. The VAT, a levy on all the goods and services you consume, is not a “toxic idea,” he added.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the potential of getting OfficiallyScrewed.