Smackdown: PM Harper Returns Liberal Leader Michael Zsohar’s Serve On Roland Garros Claycourt

I love Question Period. Call me a goofball. I actually caught this without sound on a TV in the lobby of a customer’s yesterday afternoon. Good timing on my part. The bolded part is a nice zinger that plays on Liberal Leader Michael Zsohar’s status as a temporary visitor to our great nation.

Hon. Michael Ignatieff (Leader of the Opposition, Lib.):
Even France is saying that the costs of this summit are getting out of control, and France knows something about extravagance. Its foreign minister is making jokes about the lake.
How can the Prime Minister preach austerity and restraint to Canadians and his G20 colleagues when he has lost control of the cost of his own summit?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, of course, as has been observed by many people, the cost of these summits in this age is very expensive because of the security demands placed on the summits. Well over 80% of the cost for our summit are, of course, for security, and this is similar to all similar types of summits.
As for extravagance in France, I would not know about that, but perhaps the Leader of the Opposition, at his home in Provence, could tell us all about it.

Harper: 15, Ignatieff: L’oeuf

Minister John Baird Knocks Ottawa Councillor Marianne Wilkinson Down A Notch

Today the Ottawa Taxpayers’s Advocacy Group held an open forum for city council candidates.

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson from Kanata North took the liberty of giving a backhand remark about a federal proposal to ban dumping raw sewage into the Ottawa river.

When Minister John Baird got up he returned the favour by giving her a direct smack when he chastized Councillor Wilkinson for spending money on things like pedestrian bridges when they should be focussing on priorities such as stopping the dumping of sewage into the river.

The whole room erupted in applause showing where taxpayer priorities lie.

Sent via Borgberry cybernetic implant. (You too will be assimilated)

Smackdown – Pierre Poilievre Gives Iggy A Diggy

Ann Coulter has entered Hansard. The Smackdown is italicized below.

Mr. David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, the darling of the reform-conservative-republican movement really outdid herself last night in Calgary. By addressing Canadian diversity, Ann Coulter said that diversity is not an advantage to a country like Canada. “It’s not a strength”, she continued. Then she went on to compare diversity to cancer. From organizing speeches to putting on cocktails, the Conservative Party’s dirty little fingerprints are all over her Canadian tour.
Will the Prime Minister immediately and publicly condemn Ann Coulter’s outrageous and intolerant views?

Hon. Jay Hill (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, you and the hon. member would know that his question has absolutely nothing to do with the business of government and should be disallowed.

Mr. David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, the office of the member for South Shore—St. Margaret’s organized a Coulter cocktail. The member of Parliament for Calgary West led the applause last night from his front row seat.
The Prime Minister’s mentor, Rainer Knopff, who co-authored the reckless and divisive firewall letter, co-sponsored the speech and sat there while his guest savaged mainstream Canadian values.
Silence is acquiescence. Either the Prime Minister supports it or he does not. Which is it?

The Deputy Speaker:
Order, please. I do not see that that is a business of government administration. I do see the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister rising, so I will give him a chance to answer, but I caution members to keep their questions–

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!
Mr. David McGuinty: Which is it?
The Deputy Speaker: Order, order. The member for Ottawa South will come to order.
Some hon. members: Oh, oh!
Mr. David McGuinty: Go ahead.
The Deputy Speaker: The member for Ottawa South will come to order.
I see the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister rising to answer the question. I will allow him to do so.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, the member has raised a very important question about an American commentator who has come to this country with some outrageous comments: comments supporting the Iraq war, comments supporting the use of torture, and comments referring to Israel as a war criminal. But enough about the leader of the Liberal Party.

Yowza!! Nice one Mr. Poilievre.

Smackdown: Chuckercanuck Wakes Up Liberal Youth Across Canada

I wonder if all those ambitious wankers who sign up to their campus Liberal club have started wetting their khaki dockers over their life commitment to the Big Dreamers. What once looked like a meal ticket now’s a chump’s dead end.

Blogger ChuckerCanuck discussing what must be going through young Liberal minds after the Liberal Party popularity numbers sink to 23%, a low water mark.

Right now across Canada there are Liberal youth who should read this and rethink which campus club they plan to join.

Smackdown – Al Gore Gloveslapped By Lord Christopher Monckton

Over six months ago, President Obama banned Lord Christopher Monckton from speaking to congress on the subject of global warming. Al Gore was also slated to speak and would not do so unless Monckton was not going to speak. Is Albert a wittle afwaid??

Now for those that do not know him, Lord Monckton was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher and a VERY well read man on the subject of global warming (or lack thereof).

He has been interviewed by Michael Savage in which a 3 minute interview runs over 30 minutes. (showing how much Savage loved speaking with him)

He sued Al Gore in the U.K. to stop the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” from being shown to school children.

And tonight on Glenn Beck he all got up and clucked like a chicken while he challenged Al Gore to a debate. He spurred Gore by saying that Gore should either stand up and debate Monckton or never ever speak on the subject of global warming again…..EVER. With his credentials and history, Lord Monckton is worthy of speaking to the public and I urge you to view the video below by clicking it once. He is both entertaining and educational. I wish I had more teachers like him.

Smackdown: Spanking Scott Brison

Why do the Liberals let floor crossers ask questions during Oral Questions?

The only answer I can think of is to provide with fodder for more Smackdown videos.

I’ll thank Scott Brison for this one. If you want to rate the video (and I hope you do) click the link below the video and watch it on YouTube where you can rate it. Otherwise, click the video below once to start watching.

If you cannot view the video above, click the link below.

Smackdown – Peter Van Loan Scores on Ken Dryden

From the “When will the Liberals ever learn?” file comes this video. Ken Dryden tries to play martyr by complaining that the Conservatives do not listen to the common man and are more in bed with corporations.

What amazes me is that Liberal Dryden asks these questions on the day the Liberal Party is attempting to hold an illegal fundraiser which skirts Elections Canada donation procedures by not providing tax receipts in an auction where “The Sky’s the limit” and one that encourages corporations and associations to bid on the prizes.

One of those prizes happens to be attending a Canadiens/Senators hockey game in the company of…you guessed it…Ken Dryden.

In a world where corporations do not care about tax receipts and are more interested in “what politician is in their pocket?” this type of fundraiser flies in the face of the new donation laws that limit donations to individuals and set that limit at $1100 to a national party and $1100 to riding associations.

Stephen Taylor caught the fundraising scandal but Peter Van Loan provides the Smackdown.

Click the video above once to begin play. If the video does not play properly, you can click the link below.

Smackdown – Diane Finley Exposes Liberal Jim Karygiannis Hypocrisy

Being of Greek heritage myself, I especially loved this one. For all the good Greek values Jim seems to have turned his back on, I applaud Diane Finley for letting Jim know how much of a hypocrite he is.

Well done Minister!!

Click the video above ONCE to start viewing. If it does not start playing shortly after, you can try clicking the link below.