Why are Tories protecting Supply Management?

I mean I get why the Liberals do it. But why are Tories doing it? You can come join me….and Maxime Bernier….on the other side where the grass…..and Canadian economy….are greener. Even Rona Ambronse sees the potential damage to our economy preserving it will cause us with Trump as President. If you think waiting for him to lose office is something we can hold out against, you are wrong. There will be mass layoffs right away in Canada. And Trump isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 more years and likely 6 more years, at which point our economy will have fallen off the cliff.

Of course the Boy Blunder Trudeau will blame Trump, but he should blame his own father who brought about Supply Management back in 1971. Do you not all see the sweet irony which has the drama teaching, hair modelling, selfie taking, pixie dust spreading Prime Minister has to smack down one of his father’s legacies?

The Irony Of Trudeau Junior Needing to Eliminate Supply Management

Many of those who know me know I do not support Supply Management as it artificially changes the price of goods. I used to work for a dairy co-operative and heard the stories of drivers taking their milk loads and dumping them in the middle of a farm field as part of the process of ensuring the supply did not get into the system.

So how did we get to the point of an auto tariff trade war with the USA?

Well back in 1971, Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s government passed the bill authorizing Supply Management.  Little did he know his son would be in power when it became a major sticking point between US/Canada trade relations. Trump is now threatening to levy tariffs on Canadian made automobiles and siting Supply Management (for how little it really affects things) as one of the major reasons why the USA is considering this aggressive trade move.

We are quickly getting to a point in which Baby Trudeau will need to either double down on his father’s legacy and seriously jeopardize Canada’s economy or eliminate the unfair trade practice. Pretty ironic if you ask me. In fact, my view on Baby Trudeau’s stance of measured and proportionate tariffs is this.  We can bloody the nose of the USA with equal tariffs but what good is it if we are buried 6 feet under?

If you don’t agree with me, why not take Amanda Lang’s view on it?  She is not a raving libertarian like me but even she knows if push comes to shove and the USA proceeds with this, our economy in Canada will be crippled.

or in other words…we would be Officially Screwed.

It’s time to get off the sidelines and back into the game

OfficiallyScrewed.com is a website dedicated to logically degrading, demoralizing, and deflating those that our society chooses to shower with press, praise and perfume (not to mention MONEY) for being imbeciles and officially screwing us, usually politically.

We stand for the Average Joe who wonders…

  • Who the hell is running this world?
  • What the hell is this world coming to?
  • When the hell did it change for the worse?
  • Where the hell did all the normal people go?
  • Why the hell is common sense so uncommon?
  • How the hell do we get out of this mess?

To delve deeper, OfficiallyScrewed.com is the brainchild of a fiscal conservative/libertarian who lost it after hearing about the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal. In essence, the feeling was that we were all being “OfficiallyScrewed”.

Not having any other outlet to vent, this site was created in 2005 to provide a voice to it’s creator. Because the bottom line is You either pay attention or pay through the nose. And I would rather pay attention.

Look out world.  I am back….and with a vengeance


Michelle O’Bama and John Kerry To Celebrate Anti-Semite

Seriously?? This has got to be a joke.

On Friday March 8, Michelle Obama will join John Kerry at a special ceremony at the State Department to present ten women the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award.

The only problem is that one of the women to be recognized is an anti-Semite and supports the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Samira Ibrahim, as the State Department’s profile describes her, “was among seven women subjected by the Egyptian military to forced virginity tests in March 2011.” The press release further notes that Samira “was arrested while in high school for writing a paper that criticized Arab leaders’ insincere support to the Palestinian cause.” Apparently, the State Department is unaware of her other convictions.

On Twitter, Ibrahim is quite blunt regarding her views. On July 18 of last year, after five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed a suicide bombing attack, Ibrahim jubilantly tweeted: “An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas airport in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.”

It only goes downhill from there.

Shame on Michelle O’Bama and John Kerry.

European Union (1993-2012?)

You were born in 1993. The world watched as you crawled along. Being all cute and everything while your teeth popped out one by one.

In 1995 your terrible two’s hit. The Srebrenica massacre in 1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed you were still unable to control yourself as you stumbled and scraped your knee. So big uncle NATO stepped in to clean up the scrape and make it all better.

Over the next decade you had your typical growing pains. Financial ocncerns, 10 new members in 2004 and the largest trans-national election in history.

Then hit your teens and another growth spurt in 2008-2009. My how you were growing.

Then it started. The financial coughing. Mommy Merkel and Daddy Sarkozy tried their best. They gave you some cough syrup and told you it would be better if you stayed out of the cold. But you didn’t. The phlegm became blood in the streets of Greece. They tried to give you more medicine. But it wasn’t enough. Your cough became bronchitis and then pneumonia.

And now here you lie. A mere 18 years old. On the verge of death.

For tomorrow two elections take place. Greece will likely see a minority government that may take decades to work itself out. And it’s hard to believe that after decades and decades of deficit budgets, even France is going to move even further left if they toss Sarkozy out (which is looking to be likely).

And I am sure Germany is tired. Oh so tired. Many are longing for the Deutschmark to come back so they can stop giving unwanted medicine.

Is the EU in it’s final death throes? Is the EU OfficiallyScrewed?

Happy Greek (un) Independence Day

As many of you know, my background is Greek. I was born here in Canada to immigrants from Greece who worked hard, made an honest living and taught me great values that they brought with them from the homeland back in the mid 1960’s.

Well today, March 25th, is the day Greeks celebrate breaking free from the Ottoman empire. It is more affectionately known as Greek Independence day.

So I would like to congratulate Greece on being independent and for standing up on it’s own two feet and for working hard to become a proud, stable, secure……oh wait….I forgot about the €110 billion bailout from the EU and the failing economy and the huge public sector with the overtaxed private sector and the giant bloated retirement packages…

Nevermind. You’re not independent anymore.