Time to say goodbye to Twitter and Facebook.

With all the shadowbanning, content control and heavy manipulation of data and facts, it is time we all move on to more sane platforms like Parler and Locals.com.

I am officially dubbing these #Fexit and #Twexit.

I will keep my Facebook and Twitter live but my last posts on December 31st will point you to my new home. Join me.

Make it a mass exodus on January 1st, 2021. Time for a fresh start with no content control.

Perspective on Current USA Covid 19 death toll

On March 13th, the NY Times published a piece using CDC predictions on how the Covid-19 Virus would affect the USA in terms of deaths, hospitalizations, etc. In a nutshell they said the death toll would be between 200,000 and 2.2 Million.

The outrage at this point is over a death toll of over 200,000 which was recently reported. (currently as of this piece, the death count is at approximately 211,000.

So although this is a tragedy in any sense of the word, there has to be some solace that the USA has by all metrics pointed out in March, handled the Covid-19 situation very close to the best case scenario. The death rate has been dropping and even if the USA was to lose another 1000 per day until March 12th, this would still be under 400,000 which is still way down the curve close to the best case scenario.

Please have some perspective people.