Gun Owners Identified In Texas!!!

A few weeks ago the New York Journal News started publishing the names and addresses (via Access to Information) of all people who were registered gun owners in various counties in New York state.  The pictures looked something like this.

 NY Gun Owners


Recently we found out that there is also a similar list for the state of Texas.  We have posted the map below for your reference.

 Texas Gun Owners

America Stimulus A Booming Success – 55 New Jobs in Los Angeles And It Only Cost Americans $111 Million


In an unprecedented successful stimulus story, the glorious city of angels has created or retained a whopping 55 jobs!

“I’m disappointed that we’ve only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million,” said Wendy Greuel, the city’s controller.

For you math buffs out there, that’s just a little over $2,000,000 per job created.

So why do I feel that this is a success and not a complete and utter failure?

Because L.A. is full of movie stars and musicians. Even Forbes states that from 2008 to 2009 the top 15 celebrities earned a combined and astronomical $1.6 BILLION, thus averaging almost $107 Million per person. So $2 Million per job  seems like a bargain doesn’t it?  Well doesn’t it??

Now the next time you see a famous star slamming the politics of the right and promoting the politics of the left, pay attention. They make a sick amount of dough compared to you and they know better than you.

<facetiousness off>

Could they not have just paid each of these 55 bozos $100,000 each and saved $105.5 Million?

American Tax Payers … OfficiallyScrewed … again.

Sylvester The Cat Elected To Birdcage Safety Panel

In the news today, Sylvester the Cat was elected to sit on the panel responsible with determining the safety guidelines and regulations on bird cages. He made it clear that he feels the tensile strength regulations on bird cages are too stringent and that cost reductions can be realized if a thinner material was used for the wireframes. He also felt that all bird cages should be within three feet of the ground for better viewing by children. The panel will be releasing their final report soon.

In a similar story, Homer Simpson was elected to sit on the Board of Directors for the Vegan Society of America. He overcame setbacks such as his past quote “If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made it taste so good.” and “MMmmmmm….Porkchops….” He SAYS he’s reformed and the Board felt he was being genuine in his denouncement of the statements.

And additionally, Iran has been elected to the United Nations Commission on Women’s Rights. Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket made it clear that the Iranian policy to stone women who have a tan is simply an effort to minimize skin cancer rates in the hot middle eastern country. Three women were not found to refute his testimony on this fact so it must be true.

Talk about being OfficiallyScrewed.

Liberal Bob Rae Indirectly Supports Foreign Aid Monies Being Used To Support Child Slave Labour

Ok. Maybe that’s a stretch, but not by much.

But Liberal Bob Rae thinks that money we give nations should not hold a caveat that lets us impose our ideology on those countries. He said exactly just that when addressing the decision by our government to not allow our foreign aid to be used to pay for abortions.

Liberal MP Bob Rae told reporters in Ottawa the Federal Government is trying to impose its moral agenda on other countries, adding “Canada is now taking an ideological position and, frankly, I think they’ve raised something which could well have been avoided in the effort to create a stronger international consensus.”

So where does Liberal Bob Rae draw the line? Ideology has a very broad description.

If we decided to give foreign aid to Lebanon would he be ok with them using that money to buy bombs and drop those bombs on Israel? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give money to a Afghanistan, would he be ok with them using that money to buy acid to throw in the face of women who do not wear a burka? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give foreign aid to Afghanistan, would he be ok with them using that money to grow Opium and sell it for import into Canada? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give foreign aid to China….oh wait we DO give foreign aid to China….would he be ok if they took that money and ran over student protesters with tanks in Tiananmen Square? THAT is ideology.

Liberal Bob Rae has NO scruples. None. He is well past his due date but his orange roots are clearly showing.

I'm Waiting For The Man, $26 In My Hand

It’s a hot sticky Friday night. Since I look like a narc, I have made sure I haven’t shaved for three days, toss an old Grateful Dead T-Shirt and a beaten up Ottawa Senators hat and head down to Lowertown in Ottawa. As I glide my Honda through the streets, I keep an eye overhead for a sign.

About 5 minutes in, I spot them. An old pair of sneakers tangled up in the overhead wiring. I slowly pull my truck over and wait.

Out of the darknes a shady looking guy with an oversized T-shirt and baggy pants comes over and leans in the window of my truck.

    “Whatcha want man?”

    “Whatcha got?”, I ask.

    “I have some Killer X, man.”

    “Killex?? I’ll take three cans.”, I reply.

    “How about some weed, my friend. You interested in some weed?”

    “Sure”, I say, “Weedex is perfect. Give me two big bottles.”

    “How about some fungus, man? You need some fungus?”

    “Damn straight I reply. Give me a couple of batches of antifungal.”

    “Now man … you need some doses?”

    “Nah… but I’ll have me some nice roses.” I reply. “See you next year my friend.”

This may seem a bit farfetched. But is it really? Look what happens when cigarettes hit $7 or $8 a pack? Everyone and their brother starts buying them out of the back of some guys trunk who has a friend who knows the cousin of the secretary for an agency that hires a manpower guy who used to fix cars for a mechanic who also fixes the car of some lady whose son knows a guy with a boat that skims from a native reserve to and from Cornwall weekly.

In addition to Premier of Ontario, Yellow Bellied McShifty, announcing that the use of chemical pesticides use will be banned, this past week the Supreme Court of Canada said that random searches are illegal, which sent left leaning ACLU types partying into the streets.

This begs the question…

If I have a stash of these illegal pesticides hidden under a tarp in my garage, would having a beautiful, safe, green lawn be enough probable cause for the cops to search my home for the contraban?

Human Rights Groups Now Responsible For Commiting Human Wrongs

I would love to start a group to sue the Human Rights groups for abusing people with frivolous legal action. We could call it a Human Wrongs group.

Canada’s practice of turning detainees over to Afghan security forces, widely accused of torture and abuse, violates international law and the Charter of Rights, Amnesty International and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association say.

The two groups will Wednesday file an application in Federal Court in Ottawa seeking judicial review of the military’s controversial policy. Named as respondents in the action are Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor, General Rick Hillier, Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, and Attorney-General Robert Nicholson.

The legal action will be announced today by Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada’s Secretary-General, and Shirley Heafey, a B.C. Civil Liberties Association board member.

What these groups don’t realize is that we are not at war with Afghanistan. We are there now in rebuilding/reconstructive role. This means we work WITH their police forces and not against them.

If there are issues with the Afghani police forces, that is a concern and should be addressed via the appropriate Internal Affairs (or similar equivalent) department within their police.

Green Ribbons On Liberal Lapels

Green Ribbon 2Today, Liberal MP’s, including Citoyen Dion, were all wearing green ribbons on their lapels.

So I thought I should find out what green ribbons stand for. And this is what I found by googling “Green Ribbon Campaign”

1. Open Adoption Records

2. Ban The Stupid Campaign

3. Free The Irish Political Prisoner Campaign

4. Hemp For All (NORML)

5. Support Marijuana Smokers

6. Rural Community and Family Support

7. Sexual Assault Coalition

8. End institutionalized aggression

Green Ribbon 1I wonder which of these the Liberals were showing their support for.