Bob Rae Sucks at Correlating Things

From Hansard Feb. 28th, 2012

Hon. Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, I have just learned that a court document has been produced from the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections saying that there were 31 phone calls between the Conservative campaign in Guelph and RackNine and that there were 40 calls between Conservative operatives in Ottawa and RackNine.
Could the government explain that information in conjunction with the statement that was just made by the parliamentary secretary?

This is like me saying:

Mr. Speaker. Police LUD reports indicated that there were 31 phone calls between MP Bob Rae’s House and Pizza Pizza in 2011 and that there were 43,000 calls between stoned teenagers and Pizza Pizza. Could Bob Rae explain that information and how it relates to him?

To quote Bugs Bunny….What a marooooon.

Canadian Medical Association Comes Out Against Pro Choice

The Canadian Medical Association has come out indirectly against abortions in Canada by stating they are against Mixed Martial Arts.

What this really amounts to is an attack on self determination and on what a man chooses to do with his own body. MMA fighters are grown men making decisions of their own free will.

An extended analogy yes. But an accurate one nonetheless.

Redeye Guy Greg Gutfeld Has Solution To Ground Zero Mosque Debate

Below is a clip from Greg Gutfeld’s show last night. As the builders of the Ground Zero Mosque say it would be a great symbol of tolerance, Gutfeld suggests New York put a gay bar that caters to Muslims right next door to the Mosque.

Today, Gutfeld made an appearance on Glenn Beck and suggested some names for the gay bar. These included “Jihot”, “Jihunk”, “Turban Cowboy”, “Infidelicious”, “You Mecca Me Hot”, and Glenn Beck’s favourite name suggestion is “Suspicious Packages”.

Knowing Gutfeld, I would assume this is a joke, but in reality you can’t really say his logic is dramatically flawed. His intent is clear. The other side’s is at minimum insensitive, no matter how legal. But will it work to either push the limits of tolerance among all of us, or back off to the understanding of how hypocritical it may be to argue that the bar should not be allowed.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Gutfeld’s progress on this. One might also be curious as to whether or not he actually contacted a neighbouring owners for quotes.

Liberal Bob Rae Indirectly Supports Foreign Aid Monies Being Used To Support Child Slave Labour

Ok. Maybe that’s a stretch, but not by much.

But Liberal Bob Rae thinks that money we give nations should not hold a caveat that lets us impose our ideology on those countries. He said exactly just that when addressing the decision by our government to not allow our foreign aid to be used to pay for abortions.

Liberal MP Bob Rae told reporters in Ottawa the Federal Government is trying to impose its moral agenda on other countries, adding “Canada is now taking an ideological position and, frankly, I think they’ve raised something which could well have been avoided in the effort to create a stronger international consensus.”

So where does Liberal Bob Rae draw the line? Ideology has a very broad description.

If we decided to give foreign aid to Lebanon would he be ok with them using that money to buy bombs and drop those bombs on Israel? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give money to a Afghanistan, would he be ok with them using that money to buy acid to throw in the face of women who do not wear a burka? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give foreign aid to Afghanistan, would he be ok with them using that money to grow Opium and sell it for import into Canada? THAT is ideology.

If we decided to give foreign aid to China….oh wait we DO give foreign aid to China….would he be ok if they took that money and ran over student protesters with tanks in Tiananmen Square? THAT is ideology.

Liberal Bob Rae has NO scruples. None. He is well past his due date but his orange roots are clearly showing.

Liberal Leader Michael Zsohar's Circle Includes Supporters Of International Drug Traffickers

Yup.  You heard right.

On Sunday’s Question Period in an interview with Craig Oliver, Michael Zsohar claimed the Prime Minister’s judgment was in question for how he handled the situation surrounding Rahim Jaffer’s original arrest for drunk driving and cocaine posession.  He asked if the PM called Ms Guergis in to ask her what was going on?  How could this have happened? As if it was the Prime Minister’s fault.

From the Turnaround Is Fair Play department,  how does Michael Zsohar sleep at night knowing one of his MP’s has written letters in support of an international drug trafficker?

How bad is his judgment that Michael Zsohar, once acclaimed as leader of the Liberal party, did not boot Sukh Dhaliwal from Caucus when the MP for Newton-North Delta claimed an international drug trafficker was rehabilitated?

Surrey Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal has written to a U.S. District Court judge on official House of Commons stationery in support of convicted international drug trafficker Ranjit Singh Cheema, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Cheema was sentenced in California this week to five years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to smuggle 200 kilograms of heroin from Pakistan to North America in 1998.

The drugs were supposed to be exchanged with cocaine from a Colombian cartel in a deal that was intercepted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Dhaliwal’s letter, dated July 9, 2008 and addressed to Judge Stephen V. Wilson, says the Newton-North Delta MP had met Cheema at “community engagements” and that the gangster seemed to be fully rehabilitated after fighting extradition for 10 years.

Michael Zsohar should put his money where his mouth is and reprimand his drug trafficker supporting MP.  I mean come on. He wrote a letter supporting a guy who planned to bring 200 kilograms of Heroin into North America.  200 Kilograms!!  For real??  Yes For real.

Michael Zsohar needs to work on his judgment. And now you know how stretching the truth and making allegations can be turned around on you don’t you Mr. Zsohar.