As Canadian As Having A Beer

I was watching a short interview with Jon Montgomery and I felt bad that he had to note that he was not an alcoholic or anything after he was filmed taking a couple of gulps out of a pitcher of beer shoved into his hands after he won gold in the Men’s Skeleton. Don’t worry Jon. I think Canadians know you aren’t. You were just being Canadian.

And then the women’s hockey team had their celebratory beer (and a bit of sparkling wine) on the ice where they had won gold a short time earlier. It’s ok girls. I think Canadians are forgiving you as well. You weren’t slamming shots like Marion Ravenwood in her bar in Nepal. And about the 18 year old on the team who is a tad too young to legally drink in B.C.? I just note that in every country except Canada and the USA, that same girl would have already been drinking legally so if the whole world doesn’t mind, who am I to argue.

As for how beer is good in other ways? Well I personally have bet a case of Sleeman’s vs. a case of Yuengling with an American friend and another with my American cousin on today’s Olympic gold medal hockey game. It’s all in good fun and bragging rights are a fun way of thickening our skins and laughing and enjoying sport with each other. It’s why the Olympics were so successful back in ancient times and it’s why they are now. I think battling it out with hockey sticks as opposed to battling it out with artillery and then having a beer is simply the best way diplomacy happens.

Even our Prime Minister apparently has a friendly wager with President Obama that involves beer. It’s things like this that make me smile and know that no matter what is going on in the world, Canada and the USA can rib each other, share different views on the occasional issue and even on occasion put up a bit of a barrier at the national level. But the bonds that tie our nations together are bigger than one fat rope connecting Washington to Ottawa. The bonds that bind us are the thousands, nay millions of tiny threads that have sewn our nations together, the same way I am part of many of those strands. My friendships and family are scattered all over the USA as I am sure is the case with millions of other Canadians.

So win or lose today, I encourage everyone to sit back tonight, watch the closing ceremonies, have a beer and be happy knowing that we threw one hell of a party for the world…and we served beer.

How Canadian.

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