A big thank you to Brian Lilley for doing the dirty work that all the other news media outlets failed to do when it comes to the robodialling accusations flying these days.

Brian did his homework and has dug up a gem that no one else seems to be pointing out. The Elections Canada report that investigates all the shenanigans reported regarding the election and election day includes the following quote:

There was no conduct reported that would bring into question the integrity of the election result overall or the result in a particular riding. Although misconduct was reported in several ridings, there is no complaint that it affected the final result. There is some speculation in the media that the dirty tricks may have affected the result in some close contests.

So the same report cited by news agencies used to call the robocalling problems a scandal clearly states that none of the 191 pages of reported problems would have changed the results. And furthermore, the report only discusses robocalling on 3 of those pages.

I would be very interested to know of ALL the shenanigans reported, how many occurred in ridings won by the various parties in a scoresheet format. Let’s look at the WHOLE election and ALL the shenanigans and figure out where the most problems occurred.

And once again, Kudo’s to Mr. Lilley. He does the true work that so many other reporters fail to do and he gives us the facts the other reporters fail to notice.