Let Them Eat Lokoumades

I’m Canadian but I am also a first generation Greek Canadian. My parents immigrated to Canada in the mid 1960’s and the past few months I have been seething about what is going on in Greece. You see I often joke about the woprldwide recession not affecting Greece because Greece has been in a depression for 100 years.

I guess I was wrong. They CAN sink lower.

The name Papandreou is pretty much dirt to me now. It was dirt to my father when it was Andreas Papandreou and now it is just as distasteful when it is George Papandreou. Their socialist parties have built (or better termed) torn down a nation full of people who now would rather suckle the European teat than to pull their bootstraps up and get to work. Three Generations of Papendreou’s have systematically turned Greece into a 3rd world nation.

When more than 50% of citizens pay no taxes a nation will fail.

When the government spends 13% more than it takes in every day a nation will fail.

And now Greeks won’t let their government cut programs to balance the books.

They expect the EU to bail them out.

I say let them eat lokoumades.

When my parents immigrated they brought with them a sense of national pride. They brought with them a sense of values and a work ethic we see in so many that have immigrated to Canada for a better life.

That sense of pride is now gone. Greeks would rather go begging to the EU with hat in hand. For shame.

I know my father wold roll over in his grave if he knew how low his mother country had sunk.

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