Steve’s Italian Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

Not politics, but still my blog.  This recipe was hodge-podged of leftovers from the fridge today.  Fairly low carb, low calorie.  Just wanted to share.

Preheat oven to 350F.

Spread 1.5 to 2 cups of broccoli pieces around a pie shaped casserole dish.  (60 Calories). broccoli-small

Randomly spoon 250grams of Stagg Chili around on top of the broccoli. (260 Calories) chili-small

Cut up left over Kirkland Hot Dog and scatter around in the chili. (170 Calories) hotdog-small

Spoon half a cup of leftover tomato sauce around the dish. (45 Calories) tomatosauce-small

Spread one ounce (30g) of Kraft Mexicasa shredded cheese all over the dish. (110 Calories)

Bake in oven for 20 minutes.

While baking, I made some cole slaw (250 Grams of three colour premixed cole slaw, and 2 table spoons of Kraft fat free Italian dressing) (I prefer the oil based cole slaw to creamy cole slaw) – (85 Calories total) cheese-small

Makes two servings.

Calories per serving -365 Final-small




Officially Carbless Bread. Well As Close As You Can Get. (p.s. It’s gluten free and cholesterol free too)

For those long time followers of this site, you know that I have had my ons and offs with low carb diets having very good success with them for controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and dropping a few lbs when needed.  Well I miss bread.  So I have done some digging and have come up with what I call a very passable recipe for buns that have:

  • No sugary carbs
  • No cholesterol
  • No gluten
  • No fuss.

The recipe is a mixture of three others that I found online, and I have tried to come up with a configuration that works well and here is a pretty good pass at it.  (I may tweek this if adjustments work better than this configuration)

Ingredients: (makes approx. eight (2 to 3 inch) dinner rolls)

1 cup ground almond flour (blanched)
2 TBSP ground Psyllium Husk flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
3 egg whites
2/3 cup boiling water

1)  Preheat oven to 350F.  Start your kettle of water to boil.  Grease a cookie sheet.

2) Mix almond flour, psyllium husk flour, baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl with a mixer. (I use plastic hollow paddles and not the usual metal crosses)

3) Make sure your water is at a boil before starting this step as it will be needed quickly.  Mix the egg whites and vinegar in with the dry goods and keep mixing.  It will start to solidify but it will be clumpy at this point.

4) Pour in the boiling water while you continue to mix.  Within 10 or 15 seconds of mixing, it will become a very sticky dough mixture.  For me it slides off the paddles quite easily but will stick to your hands quite a bit.

5)  break into small clumps of about 1/2 inch high and 1.5 or 2 inch diameter and place onto cookie sheet spread out.

6) Immediately put into oven on the bottom rack for 55 or 60 minutes.

I took them out, broke one open with my thumbs and picture is below.  Some soft butter and a knife were close at hand for a pleasurable snack.  The rest I am keeping for Easter dinner and a few to bring to work tomorrow.

NOTE:  I tried making a bigger loaf of this but the inside simply does not cook as well as the smaller versions.

Pictures and nutritional information are below based on plugging the ingredients into a calculator.

Buns On Tray
Buns On Tray (click to enlarge)
Cracked Open Bun.  Beautiful Air Pockets
Cracked Open Bun. Beautiful Air Pockets (click to enlarge)

Nutritional Info
Nutritional Info (click to enlarge)
More Nutritional Info
More Nutritional Info (click to enlarge)

Wednesday Bliss

Solo DinnerHot Damn I love Wednesday’s. As the family schedule goes, I have the place to myself. Tonight a quick stop at the grocery store and I had me some grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and a nice rib steak for which I uncovered the BBQ for the first time of the season. Along with that I opened another gem from NY, an Flower PowerIthaca Beer Company IPA called, yeah boys, you guessed it….Flower Power. gives it a 97 rating and a 97 on style out of 100. Very nice and hoppy.

True Story

I drive through McDonalds this morning and order two round eggs and three sausage patties for breakfast. (A good old Atkins breakfast). I pull up to the pay window and the cashier turns to me and she says “How can you eat all that pork. Don’t you know it’s the leading cause of cancer?”

I didn’t know what to say and to leave me speechless is a pretty difficult thing to do.

Any comments?

One Reason I Love Science and the Freedom to Choose What I Eat

I came across this photo via facebook.

2 Year Old Burgers and Fries
Click to enlarge

It’s a picture of 2 year old hamburgers and fries from four different fast food places. The caption reads

“Our fast “food” display is now 2 years old. The word food is questionable, since the bread-like and meat-like substances have not molded or spoiled in any way. Bugs won’t even bother with it. Please think twice about giving this to your kids. You have a choice, but they don’t. We truly are what we eat.”

So let me get this straight. It never rots. It never moulds. It provides calories we can convert to energy. It tastes good to humans. And it is NOT appealing to the common fly. A creature that breeds on and eats manure.

I personally think science may have developed the perfect food!!