Further parts 4 and more-Blues fest in Ottawa, Canada- July 7th 2010

I’m going down the road feeling bad. I exit at Bronson to find somewhere to fill my 2.5 liters worth of empty plastic water bottles. My one vice representative of my conservative values I staunchly hold on to. (Truth be told I was going to bring a giant refillable but the Blues fest said there was no unsealed water bottles. I didn’t want to lose my trusty canteen at the door if even empty it constituted unsealed.

I park at the Museum and immediately lock myself in an emergency stairwell because of stupidity. But realistically the exit door was also locked but buzzed. After some paranoid banging a couple of nice ladies let me out. Breathe Steve breathe.

On site I see the Mill St brewery tents all over staffed by college kids. Cheap labor but it adds a c-note and a line to a resume.

So bottom line is that I am here.

To be continued…

Ottawa Pays For Citizens To Drink Toilet Water

The City of Ottawa is subsidizing residents $75 to install low flush toilets to save water.

The City of Ottawa also just approved a $1.2 M expenditure on two watermobiles to promote more usage of Ottawa drinking water.

Logic says residents are paying taxes to move water from toilets to drinking glasses.

Yummy! How OfficiallyScrewed is that?

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On Skilled Immigration

Today on Lowell Green’s morning show the topic of immigration was up. Some callers supported skilled immigration in areas we need as having a priority.

I like this concept in theory and I would even propose having a list of authorized audited institutions for confirmation (if we don’t already).

And a group of skilled people in a needed trade should be used to confirm that the immigrant’s skillset is adequate in order to prevent fraudular claims.

Just my 2 cents.

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McGuinty HST Proves More Costly To Ontario Taxpayers

Today on CFRA Radio it was announced that the tax workers moving from the provincial payroll to the federal payroll when the HST is implemented will not only keep there seniority and pay, but they will also receive 6 months severence from the province amounting to a one time payout of $30K to $50K each. This is despite the fact that they will not lose a single day of pay.

The ONLY employees who should get a severence are ones who are let go in the transition.


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Opening Speech by Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod for Ontario PC AGM

Timestamp 502pm:

Lisa MacLeod opened the session with an intro speech encompassing the general outline of the AGM.

She just fielded questions about the byelections, about the vote swing in Ottawa West Nepean.

MPP MacLeod believes that the party is resurging under the results even though Beth Graham lost. The Liberal candidate had 30 years of exposure in the community and Graham had 3 weeks.

Short and sweet intro.

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Ottawa Green Bins A Waste of Waste Part 2

So in an honest effort to take part, I have been filling my countertop green bin with coffee grounds/filters, turkey bones, pork chop bones, lettuce ends, onion peels, egg shells and dirty paper towels for the past two weeks.

Last Sunday night I went to lift the paper bag (lined with a plastic) that came with the bin out of it and the bottom of the bag fell out effectively making the bag more waste.

So I went to the grocery store and spent 6 bucks on 20 plasticky type compostable bags.

I wonder if this bag will also start to compost before I get a chance to toss it out.

PREDICTION: The green bin program will fall flat on it’s face within 3 months leaving us nowhere to put our eggshells except on the face of Ottawa’s left wing city councilors.

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New Twist To "Tax and Spend Liberal"

Today, columnist Michael Harris pinned the tail on the Iggy when he addressed Iggy’s “new” love for the environment.

A man who has just been knocked down by a bus doesn’t usually get up and jump in front of a train.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has done just that with the announcement that the “heart” of the Liberal platform in the next federal election will be the environment and clean energy. Has a political death wish ever been expressed more clearly? And didn’t they try that, albeit in reverse, in the last federal bun fight?

The plan under Stephane Dion was a carbon tax; the Ignatieff approach is oceanic government spending on clean energy.

But the key is this next line. If we were using hockey analogies, this next line is the equivalent of “putting it top shelf where mama keeps the peanut butter”.

Between these two professors, the traditional Liberal bases have been covered tax and spend.

Iggy is the “Spend” to Dion’s “Tax”.


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