Thoughts On The Last Few Days In Canadian Politics

The moment someone labels you something so outrageously false a few things happen.  There is an immediate sense of anger, of defensiveness and even some sense to retaliate. But as calmer heads prevail, you start to think about a) why did they think this, b) how do I convince them this is not true, and most importantly to me c) how can we break away from the cycle spewing vitriol at each other pushing us further and further apart and building walls made with not just bricks but with hatred.

I have been thinking long and hard about what I have seen on my social media the past few days and, to be frank, I am quite disappointed in many of those on all sides of the political spectrum.

Yes, like many, I was quite disturbed at the photos. But I am also extremely upset at those who are being obnoxious about it. The most egregious ones are those who have worked hardest to get away from the false accusations which have been thrown their way for simply being on the right side of the political spectrum. Would it not make for a better world if we all simply took a few breaths when it comes to using the turn “racist” and think about the damaging ramifications it carries with it should someone be incorrectly labelled?

There is enough hypocrisy going around for everyone to wear some of it. And yes, one in particular may need to wear it more. But simply saying “well YOU were worse than me.” is not good enough to better our society. It is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Because if it is, we are all officiallyscrewed.

Steve’s Italian Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

Not politics, but still my blog.  This recipe was hodge-podged of leftovers from the fridge today.  Fairly low carb, low calorie.  Just wanted to share.

Preheat oven to 350F.

Spread 1.5 to 2 cups of broccoli pieces around a pie shaped casserole dish.  (60 Calories). broccoli-small

Randomly spoon 250grams of Stagg Chili around on top of the broccoli. (260 Calories) chili-small

Cut up left over Kirkland Hot Dog and scatter around in the chili. (170 Calories) hotdog-small

Spoon half a cup of leftover tomato sauce around the dish. (45 Calories) tomatosauce-small

Spread one ounce (30g) of Kraft Mexicasa shredded cheese all over the dish. (110 Calories)

Bake in oven for 20 minutes.

While baking, I made some cole slaw (250 Grams of three colour premixed cole slaw, and 2 table spoons of Kraft fat free Italian dressing) (I prefer the oil based cole slaw to creamy cole slaw) – (85 Calories total) cheese-small

Makes two servings.

Calories per serving -365 Final-small




Ontario Debt By Premier

This is why we need change in Ontario.

The NDP under Bob Rae blew open the debt following David Peterson

The Liberals under McGuinty blew open the debt following the Harris/Eves governments

And the Liberals under Kathleen Wynne are so fiscally irresonsible that they are worse than heavy spender Dalton McGuinty.  Wynne is not a Liberal.  She is a hard core socialist.

 Ontario Debt


Click to enlarge

Furthur Part 6 – Ottawa bluesfest

Two Samosas and 2 beers later, I greet Mr. QMS. Two tapers behind me are grooving about shows and equipment. Nice chit chat. One sounds German and the other is from California. Both seem pretty nice.

A non head Halifax next to me was awkward. He was more cleancut than Ward Cleaver. There were two heads from BC staying in St. Catherines parked in front of me. They really seemed to enjoy the show and almost danced as much as I did.

The band comes on late. With bluesfest ending at 11, there seems to be some curiousity about whether they will play two sets. Probably only doing one big one and an encore.

Set list is below.

Alabama getaway
Don’t ease
Mama tried
Dire wolf
Hell in a bucket
Smokestack lightnin’>
Help>Slip>Caution (do not stop on tracks)>
New Speedway Boogie>
Wharf Rat> (a fave of mine)
I fought the Law>

After the finale, Phil who is a liver transplant recipient came out which he does all the time and reminded people about being organ donors. I haven’t signed my card but will for Phil and I will turn to a loved one and say “I want to be an organ donor”. You should do the same.

Encore : On the Road Again>
Touch of Grey

The staples of Truckin’, Casey Jones and Touch of Grey for the non head in the crowd seemed to be par for the course.

That’s it, that’s all. I was right on the single set. But it was a long one.

See ya in Philly Boys right after a disgustingly sloppy cheesesteak.

Furthur part 5

I’m in. I found a sweet spot next to the walkway where the fence bends so according to the couple next to me we would be protected from the beaten path.

They watch my chair while I grab a couple of pints.  The opening act is on. Sounds like some kick ads Mellon and Black Crowds style. It’s a young Ottawa band called Silver Creek.  (Either they are named after a beer or they could be).  Not bad.

An older man is wearing a QMS t-shirt.  I’m contemplating letting him know my ringing is QMS.  So is half the Officially Screwed audio for my videos.  What a dichotomy!  The dead and my right slant on politics.  But it’s the libertarian way that often straddles that centrist space Canada loves so much.

I need me a bite to eat.

To be continued…

Further parts 4 and more-Blues fest in Ottawa, Canada- July 7th 2010

I’m going down the road feeling bad. I exit at Bronson to find somewhere to fill my 2.5 liters worth of empty plastic water bottles. My one vice representative of my conservative values I staunchly hold on to. (Truth be told I was going to bring a giant refillable but the Blues fest said there was no unsealed water bottles. I didn’t want to lose my trusty canteen at the door if even empty it constituted unsealed.

I park at the Museum and immediately lock myself in an emergency stairwell because of stupidity. But realistically the exit door was also locked but buzzed. After some paranoid banging a couple of nice ladies let me out. Breathe Steve breathe.

On site I see the Mill St brewery tents all over staffed by college kids. Cheap labor but it adds a c-note and a line to a resume.

So bottom line is that I am here.

To be continued…