Dalton McGuinty Misleads Us Yet Again In Latest Commercial

Last night I saw a new Liberal commercial featuring your favourite liar and mine, Yellow Bellied McShifty, the leader of the Ontario provincial Liberal party.

Well in this commercial (and in one other) Dalton says, and I quote:

I believe that taking half a billion much needed dollars from [public] schools to give to private religious schools is a mistake.

Dalton assumes that to fund faith based schools, one must take money out of the current public school system. This is clearly inaccurate and McShifty knows it.

Even the Ontario Public School Board Association noted on page 4 of a 2005 report on the status of school funding that one of their four priorities was:

all allocations are on a per pupil basis while some allocations per “school” would be more appropriate.

This is in line with what my last post alluded to. The schools are currently funded on a “per butt in the seat” basis and funding faith based schools, (of which the majority are Christian but non-Catholic) would only inject money into the current system and not take a penny out of the current system.

6 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty Misleads Us Yet Again In Latest Commercial

  • September 23, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    McFibber keeps infering that Catholics AREN’T a real following of the Tenet of Jesus .

    Either that , or all other sects within the Tent of Jesus aren’t truely Christians.

    This is exactly why we see Muslims in Iraq bombing each others Mosques because once saddam left and no longer kept them apart there is now a Power struggle just like the Catholic McGuinty segregating all the infidels from accessing their own Tax dollars to pay for their non-Catholic childs Human Right Under the Charter and by Order of the U.N. .

    Oh wait…..the U.N. …… I forget that they also had a Charter Of Rights for Children that McFibber ignored as well when he abolished the Male /Female parents and allowed for the first time in history to legally deny a Human to be born with both biological parents as the main care-givers.
    But , then again, McFibber just finished kicking autistic kids in the teeth while giving himself a $40’000.00 raise that he had no control over.

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