McGuinty's Car – One Forward Gear, Three Reverse Gears

“I will not raise taxes.”

And then he brought in the health premium and cut health spending on numerous services.

“No NEW Taxes”

And then he proposed the HST, which albeit a merger of the PST and GST, will become the largest single tax grab in Ontario history once all is said and done.

And then we have legal obligations being avoided and buried 164 pages into the budget.

Under the Local Health Systems Integration Act, 2006, the McGuinty Government is legally required to subject the LHINs to a full public legislative review by March 28, 2010. Rather than be forced to subject the LHINs to public scrutiny, the McGuinty Liberals have instead buried a provision on page 164 of the Budget that would eliminate the obligation to hold this review.

Are we getting OfficiallyScrewed? You Betcha.

H/T MPP Lisa MacLeod