ex-Liberal MPP Jim Watson Under Scrutiny In Mayoral Bid

It seems the local CityHoller blog and columnist Randall Denley in Ottawa have started to expose the soft underbelly of ex Ontario Liberal MPP and Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Jim Watson.

It looks like Jim Watson, who was the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing in the McGuinty Liberal Government, was instrumental in the decision to let corporate donations stand in Ottawa municipal elections as recently as December 2009. The Baby New Year of 2010 was hardly crawling before Watson announced his candidacy for the mayoral race and not three months later, Jimbo is holding a corporate fundraiser IN TORONTO.

What I find distasteful in all this is that the rebate Watson is touting to his Toronto corporate friends will be paid by Ottawa tax payer dollars. Dandy.

Ottawa taxpayers might be getting OfficiallyScrewed by the perpetual, musical chair playing politician.

What’s your take?