Sun Tzu Approves Of Harper's Decision To Proroguing Parliament

Sun Tzu, author of Art of War, (the world reknowned book often referred to as the bible on military strategy) would have been in favour of the Prime Minister proroguing parliament. Here is a bullet version of how I came to this conclusion.

1) The Conservative objective is to move conservative legislation through parliament (both the House and the Senate)

2) The Liberals are decimated and fractured in the House so their strategy has been to parry the conservative legislation in the Senate where they have had the majority.

3) Sun Tzu wrote “What is of supreme importance in war is to upset the enemy’s strategic plans.” Hence, the Conservatives need to upset the parrying in the Senate.

4) The only way to do this is to gain control of the Senate (and thus the Senate committees)

5) Proroguing at this time buys the Conservatives enough time to do this.

Chessmaster Harper scores another point.