City Of Ottawa Trashing Tax Paying Citizens

Today on CFRA, Rob Snow the afternoon host was looking at the City Of Ottawa’s Planning and Environment Committee plans for changing the way Ottawa taxpayers will be paying for their garbage pickup.

Currently, taxpayers pay $86 a year for weekly trash pick up which includes rotating weeks of blue bin (plastic/metal/glass) and black bin (recyclable paper) service.

However, the City is now rolling out green bin service for organics and they are taking the opportunity to add a service fee for this green bin service as well as moving the cost of the blue/black bin service from all tax payers to the homeowners.

So what does this amount to? Well it amounts to $195 a year for picking up our trash. From $86/year to $195/yr. That’s an increase of 127%.

Now for you aspiring socialist politicians out there…THAT’S how you OfficiallyScrew a taxpayer.

ACTIVISM: If you live in Ottawa, click here to find your city councilor and email them your feelings on this subject.