Where's The Beef?

Where's The BeefMany of you out there know I am on the Atkins diet. So one thing I notice is when I get two slices of plain white bread and no meat.

Well today the Ontario Liberals left me hungry. Because today, Rita Burak, the Chairwoman of eHealth apologized for the missing 100’s of millions of dollars associated with the eHealth scandal. Why does this make me hungry? Well I feel that we are being jipped out of the juicy part of this burger. The good questions remained unanswered.

How can we go from the auditor generals report directly to an apology with no meat in the middle.

Will there not be a detailed audit with full disclosure of the graft and who I’d responsible?

Will there not be a clear indication of whether or not there was graft worthy of criminal charges?

Was this not 10 times bigger than the federal Liberal sponsorship scandal and as such deserving of a criminal investigation?

Will the Liberals not make sure their name is cleared?

Would a criminal investigation and detailed audit not do this?

Can tax payers not find out how badly we were bilked out of our hard earned tax dollars?

Will the (Smither)man who created eHealth not answer the questions?

Hey Dalton, where’s the beef??