OS Bookshelf – Fleeced by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

FleecedWhat I loved about this book is its’ title. Fleeced. Everywhere in the book where the word “fleeced” appears, you could swap in the words “officially screwed”.

The content is actually pretty good too. It addresses several topics and how the American governments (both Republican and Democrat) are fleecing the tax payers.

Morris covers several topics including the media, the do nothing Congress, pension funds, credit care companies, hedge fund billionaires, the Teachers Union and many others. Each chapter also includes a bit of information on what people can do to fight being fleeced.

What was very pleasing to see was a sentence in the conclusion that reminds me of this blog’s tagline “You either pay attention or pay through the nose. I would rather pay attention.”

The only way to avoid being fleeced by our own government is to pay attention to what our elected and appointed representatives are doing – or not doing – in Washington.

Although this book is geared towards the American system, the lesson to pay attention is important in all democratic nations.

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8/10 Screws