Unions Strike…Again

Timing is everything. And Ottawa’s museum workers have voted in a landslide to strike with a likely start date to be in mid September just in time for the new school year.

As they have been working without a contract since April 1st, the timing of this strike could not be more opportune for the union. In typical fashion, they will aim to disrupt our lives as much as possible because they know what we all know. The primary visitors to museums are school children on school trips and a strike in April and through the summer will not garner any attention or cause any disruption. But there is an added reason they waited from April to September. And it all has to do with who takes the children to these museums?

Unionized teachers of course.

Mark my words. This means that we can count on teachers complaining about how important school trips to the two museums are and that it is important for the government to settle with the strikers so classes can go on field trips. All in a show of union solidarity.

If parents don’t stand firm and make it clear to teachers that they do not feel that field trips to these museums are necessary, you can rest assured that tax payers will, once again, get OfficiallyScrewed.