Get ’em while they’re hot

They were a success at the CPC Convention. Now you can get your very own Justin “The Shiny Pony” Trudeau T-Shirt expressing your view that he is NOT qualified to be our Prime Minister.

The T-Shirt is 100% cotton, comes in white text on a harbour blue pre-shrunk t-shirt with a nice thick quality.

Impress your conservative friends, anger your liberal friends and make your statement. Graphic is below and appears on the back of the shirt. The front of the shirt has no graphic on it.

Shiny Pony T-Shirt Graphic

Even Kady O’Malley tweeted a photo of my shirt from the Conservative Party of Canada convention.

 Kady OMalley Tweeted My Shirt

Let’s cover the nation with these shirts before Election Day in 2015. Purchase yours today by clicking the link below. We ship only within Canada. For ordering more than 1 at a time, please contact me at This Link. Same goes for special sizes or bulk orders. I am opening this up to severe discount for people who want to sell these as a riding association fundraiser to help battle the Liberals in the 2015 election.


*Note: Shipping via Canada Post to anywhere in Canada is between $13 and $17. I am charging a flat rate of $15 shipping and handling per shirt.

Liberals value BBQ with Justin Trudeau at $999…….

In this article in the Ottawa Citizen, The Liberals seemto be valuing a BBQ with Justin Trudeau at $999.

How much is a five-person barbecue dinner with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau worth to you?

Federal Liberals sent out an email this week offering Canadians who donate $5 or more to the party between now and June 30 a chance to win a barbecue dinner for five with the Grit leader this summer.

It’s the party’s latest fundraising effort and is a clear attempt to combine Canadians’ love of grilling with what Liberals are hoping is Trudeau’s celebrity appeal.

“The leader loves having the chance to meet one-on-one with Canadians,” said Liberal party spokesman Olivier Duchesneau. “And obviously Canadians love to barbecue in the summer, so it was a great fit.”

But because the fundraiser is also a contest – the winner of the barbecue date will be chosen through a random draw – Duchesneau said the party was legally required to come up with a value for the prize.

And there it is in the fine print: “Approximate value of $999 CAD.”

So the Shiney Pony speaks at a fundraiser and the price is $20,000 but when you get him in an intimate 5 person BBQ fundraiser, the value is only $999. Considering he charged the $20,000 while an MP it should have gone up now that he is party leader.

This to me is a blatant attempt to bypass the donation limits the party has to set on the value of things. Recall when they had their “Sky is the limit” auction?

In that case they were forced to back down because people were bidding to exceed the donation limit of the prize. Well in this case the value received by the Liberals in $5 ticket prices far exceeds the value of the $999 claim and it will also likely exceed the $1200 limit per person.

It may be “legal” but it is still optically circumventing the rules via technicalities.

Liberals….OfficiallyScrewing over Canadians since 1867.,