It's Not All That Bad When You Can't Blog Consistently

Well, I have recently discovered a few interesting things that I CAN do (and a few I can’t):

1) I can still attend a blogger gathering in Ottawa and enjoy political banter with Victor (PhantomObserver), Clive (DoggerelParty), Jordan (Clear Conservative Thought) and Jordan’s friend Vanessa as I did last night.

2) I can still post my Smackdowns as they are pretty clearly part of the public record.

3) I can still do book reviews and as a matter of fact, I just finished reading Lowell Green’s How the granola-crunching, tree-hugging thug huggers are wrecking our country! And outside of the fact it took a few chapters to realize Lowell was writing the way he actually speaks, it was a very informative read with plenty of URL’s and places to go to look up the facts he presents. His views on social program waste, environmentalist deceit and criminals getting away with nothing but a slap on the wrist are surely an eye opener.

Lowell was even nice enough to dedicate my book with the words “To Steve at Keep up the good work Steve. Lowell Green”. Truly an inspiration and a big reason so many ridings in Eastern Ontario vote Tory blue. Thank you Lowell.

4) I can continue to promote the good solid values of the CPC that I agree with.

5) I still can’t figure out how to set up the site to manage the three guest bloggers who have stepped forward to keep alive … but I will so bear with me Mac, Matt and W.

6) I can still slag on the CBC (although I will refrain from doing so while playoff hockey is on)

I guess this is my way of saying I am not totally gone, nor are my Smackdowns!! If the sidekick to an American Icon (Peace Moonbeam) can make his way to my site and whimper at my announced hiatus, then I know I need to continue to blog, even if it is sporadic.