Eat Meat, Save The Planet

We all have heard some environazi site cow farts as a major cause of methane gas and by extension global warming/climate change.

Well the answer is not to decrease the amount of livestock out there, but to increase it and rotate it. This speech on the TED network is awe inspiring and could be part of the biggest change in the greening of our planet (and by extension) create carbon sinks that keep the left happy, create lush green pastures and forests that make gun owning hunters happy, and reverse the desertification of the planet.

I am no friend to the environmental movement, but I am all for more beef cattle roaming the planet. Just watch this 20 minute video. You will be amazed at the change that can be made by livestock mimicking nature.

So what’s the answer? Eat meat and save the planet.

Obama said ASS. Who Cares?

He said “ass”. *giggle giggle snort snort*

I was rereading the story about the Gloucestor Dragon’s (who rumour has it have reversed their “win by 5 goals and you lose” ASSinine rule. I mean next thing you know they would fail kids who get more than 5 marks higher than the clASS average. So back on topic. In that post I said “ASS whooping”.

Well it has dawned on me that ASS is not a word we should worry about. It’s a very commonly used word in society and very acceptable and I think the fact that the President got a bit of flack for it from both the left and right wing media is ridiculASS. I mean anyone who watched “That 70’s Show”, one of my favourite sitcoms, knows Red Foreman would say the word ASS almost every episode. “Get your ASS in the car”, “Do it or I’ll kick your ASS.”, etc.

Even George Carlin, going back decades did a bit about the 7 words you can’t say on television. ASS was not one of the 7 words.

So the verdict is? ASS gets a pASS.

Ottawa Green Bins A Waste For Waste

Today the City of Ottawa began green bin collection of compostable household waste. This green bin now compliments the blue bin and black bin in my garage, as well as the (currently green) trash bin I use.

But the logic of this program fails me. Here’s an example.

The current black box program takes many things. It takes magazines (which are paper), newspapers (which are paper), shredded paper (which is surprisingly … paper), fine paper (guess what this is made of?), and books (which other than an Amazon Kindle is more paper), boxboard (which is the thicker paper your cereal boxes and other items are made of), gift wrapping paper (again more paper) and finally, egg cartons (which are a thicker version of newsprint paper).

The black box is ALSO for unsoiled pizza boxes which is a form of thicker (often corrugated) paper.

The new green bin program now accepts soiled pizza boxes. Ergo it can process cardboard. Ergo it can process paper. Ergo it can process EVERYTHING that the black box program accepts.

So why the heck didn’t they just have the black bin program accept the stuff we can compost on top of what it already takes? (or why not just have the green bin take the black bin products too and eliminate the black bin altogether?)

The lunacy of it all amazes me. The new green bin program is costing us about $90 per ton tipping fees to the company that was signed up to do this for 20 more years. The old tipping fees for standard trash were under $40 per ton. That’s getting officially screwed.

All I need now is a brown bin (for my dog waste), an orange bin (for my fall leaves), a red bin (for my meat scraps) and I can put a rainbow of trash out every week. Simply lovely.

Party Funding – The Only Logical Solution Is Screw The Bloc (Officially Of Course!)

In the Fall of 2008, PMSH toyed with the idea of cancelling the party funding formula that rewards each political party approximately $1.95 per year for each vote they received in the last election. Immediately, the three parties who squirrel away their funds in this manner cried foul and out of self interest they threatened to take the government down.

Well I have the short term solution that would a) bind the three national parties and b) spread the wealth in a manner that would minimize the threat of regionalism.

The formula for funding is below:

Funding = votes x $1.95 x (candidates that the party runs)
………………………………………………..(total number of ridings)

Thus the Green Party, the Liberal Party, the NDP and the Conservative Party would garner approximately $1.95 per vote which is about the same as the current formula. ($1.95 x (300/308) = approximately $1.90 per vote)

But a regional party, like the Bloc Quebecois, would only garner $1.95 x (75/308) or approximately $0.48 per vote. Considering the fact that Bloc is using tax dollars to promote separation, this nationalistic approach to party funding would probably go over well with the average Canadian.

Free Market Needed In Television Debate

I’m getting tired of the wars going on between local TV stations and carriers.

The answer is simple.  Every carrier should charge a base fee for their service.  (along with the obvious equipment rental charges, etc).

Then every station should be able to set it’s own cost per subscriber.

Then every subscriber should be able to select each individual channel they want with the only exception being they need to have a set percentage of Canadian stations to meet the Canadian Content requirements.  For example, 4 out of every 10 stations chosen must be Canadian. (or something similar)

Then finally, for nationwide conglomerates such as CTV, they take a set percentage of their subscriber fee for paying the carriers and for covering things such as national branding, national level news, for the purchase of programming, etc.  And then they can divvy up the rest to local affiliates based on the local affiliates viewership as a percentage of the national viewership.

I call this the King/Freedman model.  i.e. Can’t we all just get along by letting the Free Market reign?

Cure For The Hiccups

This morning I woke up with a nasty case of the hiccups. In taking care of my problem with my usual cure, it dawned on me to share this with everyone on the web via my blog.

I learned this cure from my sister and have been eternally grateful ever since, for this cure works, bar none, EVERY time I have the hiccups.

Not only is it readily available EVERYWHERE in Canada, it tastes good too.

The answer is a Sour Cream Glazed Donut from Tim Hortons.

Stop laughing. It probably doesn’t have to be this particular type of donut, but simply some form of a cake donut.

I have had the hiccups numerous times with friends in the car and, no word of a lie, one single bite and swallow and I could toss out the rest of the donut because my hiccups are always gone. My friends and co-workers are all astounded and I am hoping some of you out there give this a try and let me know how it works for you.

Problem Solved : Just Get Everyone Voting At The Same Time

So the Supreme Court Ruled that a publication ban was acceptable in order to ensure west coast voters were not influenced by the east coast results before the western polls close.

This whole situation is ridiculous. We all know that with the internet, American bloggers like Captain’s Quarters kept us all in the loop on Gomery despite a publication ban.

How does the Supreme Court suggest we monitor for those breaking the law? In a day and age of instant information, live, up front, and in your face, there is no way they can lock up every blogger that posts results. Heck, there are people who live blog this kind of stuff on the minute.

This problem does not affect most smaller nations in Europe or Africa because they only have one time zone. But Canada has four. So what are we to do?

My suggestion? Open up the BC polls at 6 am, the Mountain time zone polls at 7am, the Central time zone polls at 8am, the Eastern time zone polls at 9am and the Newfoundland time zone polls at 9:30am. Run them for 12 or 13 hours each and close them all up at the same time. either 9:30pm or 10:30pm.

If society can’t adhere to the rules, then simply adjust the rules so that it doesn’t matter.