How Dalton McGuinty is Raping and Pillaging Ontario Residents

Here are two simple ways Yellow Bellied McShifty is hitting me in the wallet.

My Enbridge bill showed up. This is for a low month where I used very little natural gas.

My HST on this bill was $25.27.

My Hydro bill showed up. This was for a two month period.

My HST on the electricity was $44.20
My HST on the Delivery, regulatory charges, etc. was $28.18
My Debt Retirement Charge was $30.00
Divide these by two (for a one month average) and you get $51.19

The total of my monthly HST and debt retirement charge is $76.46. The debt retirement charge was supposed to be all paid off in 2012. But McGuinty has extended it for SIX YEARS to 2018 as I have told you all before. He is RAPING our wallets.

Extrapolate to a 12 month year and the money that I will save if Hudak knocks that lying McGuinty out of office is $917.52. Tim Hudak and the PC Party has said they will eliminate the HST on electricity and natural gas bills as well as eliminate the debt retirement charge.

What could YOU do with an additional $900 in your wallet every year?

On October 6th, vote for Tim Hudak.

24 thoughts on “How Dalton McGuinty is Raping and Pillaging Ontario Residents

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    September 10, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    That’s stupid. Getting rid of the HST on electricity and gas just amounts to a subsidy for those who most heavily use those things. Wealth redistribution through tax distortion.

    Tim Hudak somehow managed to become even more useless. On October 6th, vote Freedom Party of Ontario.

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    September 10, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    “Getting rid of the HST on electricity and gas just amounts to a subsidy for those who most heavily use those things. Wealth redistribution through tax distortion.”

    That might be the stupidest comment I’ve seen this year. A subsidy? How so? Those people that use those things are actually paying for what they are using. The more you use the more you pay.

    You want an example of a subsidy? Try paying companies like Samsung 10 times the going rate for electricity for energy we don’t need. Need another example? How about paying the U.S. $35 million to take our excess hydro capacity off our hands, while the people of Ontario are paying 84% for that same hydro generation

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    September 11, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Cytotoxix, I hate to tell you but before the HST there was ONLY GST on these items meaning the province did not get any tax revenue from them. When the HST came along, it turned a 5% GST into a 13% HST on those items. So it was an instant Tax Grab by the “I will not raise taxes” liar and thief Dalton McGuinty.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

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    September 11, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Let’s see it was the Federal Conservatives who wanted us to have the HST and they game the Province Billions to do so. We all got back from the Federal Government $ 1000.00 to help with the added burden of the HST.

    We receive a 10% reduction on the bottom line of our Hydro Bills. For you NeoCons who don’t understand that it means that if your bill was $ 100.00 including HST you would only pay $ 90.00 so in fact the additional 8% of the Provincial portion of the HST is in fact a 2% discount on your bill and you are only paying 3% in tax, which is 2% lower then you were paying with the GST.

    The Province does not get the HST it goes to the Federal government as they collect the tax. The Federal Government only gives a small portion of the money collected back to the Province.

    Also if you think Hudak would be any better you are dead wrong. Even Hudak now is flip flopping on weather Hydro rates will go up or not. He can’t control the Market. If he does get elected and get’s rid of everything he said he will how do you think the lost revenue will be made up! It’s called Downloading, it’s called service cuts, it’s called higher energy prices. If it was not for Mike Harris deregulation of our energy sector, and not investing into our electrical grid we would not be in this mess today.

    Hudak is not ready for prime time and will be a footnote in histroy after this election.

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    September 11, 2011 at 11:29 am

    For you liberal idiots who like paying this heating tax then you can pay mine. As Mulder said its another McSlimies tax grab. Just like the following Quote

    Denied: Province Cuts Off Muscular Dystrophy
    Sufferer From a Special Diet Allowance
    “Brandon McCarthy, 21, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and weighs only 67 pounds. He was recently cut off from $250 his mother, Liliane, receives to provide him with a special diet. One of his doctors wrote the ministry of community and social services to protest, but the ministry still cut him off…He weighs all of 30 kilograms and requires a special diet, high in nutrition and one that permits him to swallow without choking. He cannot afford to lose weight. His diet, much of it prepared by his mother, Liliane Robinson, keeps that in check

    All MS people are being denied this just to pay McLiars friends like Alex Munter over $100,000 a year for doing nothing. Check and you will find just how many of his pals he is paying off while the most vunerable is getting screwed.

    The caring sharing left is an oxymoron or at least morons.

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    September 11, 2011 at 11:49 am


    1) I didn’t get any $1000 back from anyone.

    2) There is no 10% discount on the natural gas bill.

    3) How precious of you to forget everything else that has gone up due to HST because it was PST exempt before. Tobacco replacement products, hair cuts, legal fees, Accountant fees, gasoline at the pump, internet service provider charges, and dozens, if not hundreds of other services. The federal government pushes it because it reduces their overhead in managing it because the provinces collect and manage it and submit to the feds. That’s another mistake on your part. But keep trying.

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    September 11, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Don’t ever let facts get in your way.
    1. The province of Ontario does in fact get that full 8% they tacked onto everything.
    2. McGuinty, who said the HST would be revenue neutral, now says the province would lose billions yearly if the hst is removed from electricity and natural gas.
    3. Electricity rates have risen 84% under McGuinty. And you think neocons don’t get the math? You explain it genius.
    4. Oh yeah, that 10% deduction only applies to a portion of your bill, not the entire thing, including delivery and debt reduction. Again, do the math and get back to us.
    5. The hydro debt has been paid off, yet McGuinty just extended that charge through 2018. (hint: that debt charge on your bill far exceeds that 10% reduction)
    6. Demand for electricity produced in Ontario is only using 50% capacity right now. Then why have rates risen dramatically? McGuinty signed a deal with Bruce Power that pays them a higher kwh rate than the market calls for. Actually, McGuinty agreed to pay Bruce Power for electricity whether they run or not. Then he pays 8 times the rate to wind power, jacking up our rates to pay for power we don’t have any use for. So the end result is the Ontario taxpayer pays the U.S. to TAKE OUR EXCESS POWER.

    The only footnote in history will be whether McGuinty inflicted more damage on Ontario than Bob Rae did. Right now it’s to close to call.

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    September 11, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I would say Mcliar has already passed Bob Rae as the worst many times over. Rae was horrible but he didn’t double the debt, raise the cost of everything through the roof and make Ontario a have not province.

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    September 11, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Actually I have to admit my hydro bills are pretty much the exact same under McGuinty as they have been in the past 4-5 years.

    Oy yeah, the caveat is that I now pay the same amount but it’s for 2 months, before it was 3 months. So I used to pay $300 every three months for electricty, and now pay $300 for two months. And that’s with the 10% reduction.

    I guess we neocons just can’t do math. Explain it to us one more time Einstein.

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    September 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    You NeoCons are all idiots…For the nut case who did not get back his $ 1000 maybe you made over $ 160,000 or you never file a tax return as millions in Ontario did get it back.

    For the rest of you NeoCon nut cases, it seems that you forget that it was the Harris PC’s who broke up our Energy Sector which resulted in the Debt Retirement charge, and they never paid one cent of the billions that was owed, they just buried it like they do everything else. We are paying for the screw-ups done by the Harris Government. How about the decay of opur health care system under the PC’s, the firing of 6000 nurses, the decay of our schools, the downloading and the list goes on and on. Ontario schools today are rated the best schools in North America, over 1 million more people have a family doctor today compared to 2003. No strikes, no civil unrest like all of the protests at Queens Park we had during the Harris Days.

    You NeoCon’s could not even get John Tory elected and you won’t get Tim Hudak elected. ANOTHER LIBERAL MAJORITY WILL HAPPEN….Voters trust McGuinty more than Hudak which does not say much for Timmy Whosthat…

    You NeoCons just crack me up.

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    September 11, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    1. Harris increased health care spending at a greater rate and amount than McGuinty. despite the fact Ontario had billions cut in transfers from the federal Liberal government of Chretien.
    2. The hydro debt was accumulated over the years from all governments, Liberal, PC, and Rae’s NDP. The debt is paid off. Despite that fact, McGuinty dings me $20 every two months on my bill, and wants to keep charging me until 2018.
    3. Harris paid off debt from the province, McGuinty has doubled it.
    4. No strikes? Read the newspapes or watch the news. I guess you must be missing all those students at Ontario colleges struggling with the current strike by support workers.(by the way, giving teachers unions whatever they want isn’t really considered ethical when the taxpayer is paying for McGuinty’s re-election.
    5. Best schools in North America?-
    6. Check into that hst rebate thingy and get your facts straight. You know, individual versus family, over $80,000 and under $160,000.

    So you want to admit McGuinty gets the full hst on electricity and natural gas, or do you wanna stick with your bs facts?

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    September 11, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    What about the approximately 1,000 deaths due to c difficile that have happened under McGuinty? This is caused by a lack of cleanliness. First, he uses unionized dead wood and then he cuts back on what they can use to disinfect the surfaces in the hospital for his green products. Only when pressed does he even tell you that you could die in a hospital due to c difficile. The hospital should be virtually closed and not accepting any more patients until it is cleaned up. The media a very quiet about this problem and he will get away with it again.

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    September 11, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    On the electricity–if this a**hole thinks he is getting re-elected he is crazy. He is trying to do the same thing to Hudak that he did to Tory.

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    September 12, 2011 at 9:34 am

    Please, you NeoCons only see what your masters let you see.

    1. No Teacher Strikes in 8 years, compared to the several strikes and walkout during the Harris years which resulted in parents like myself forced to scramble to find day care for our kids.

    2. Class sizes are down, schools are being built and repaired over the last 8 years, more teachers are being hired, less split classes, and more after school activites are available. Drop out rates have fallen with over 81% now finishing school compared to 60% during the Harris Years.

    3. When Hydro was deregulated it had a debt of close to 20 billion which 7 billion was to be paid by the end users and 13 billion by the local utilities. None was paid off as the Harris/Eves government hid the debt which was still having interest attached each and every month. This was reported by the Auditor when the Liberals came into power at their request.

    4. The PC’s last budget in 2003 was presented not at Queeens Park but at Magda head office, and who’s the CEO of Madga today? Mike Harris. They did this because they knew they had a 5 billion deficit and this was a way for them to hide it.

    5. Hudak even said that he can’t promise now that Hydro rates will be lower under a PC Government because he even knows that he can’t control what the market does.

    6. People forget about Walkerton which happend under Harris because he laid off most of the Provincial inspectors so he could give tax breaks to corporations.

    7. Hudak flip flops on full day kindergarden. First he said he would get rid of it and now it plans on keeping it.

    8. No PC candidates will attend any school board trustee meetings as reported in the Toronto Star. So much for Hudak being pro education.

    9. Ontario now leads the rest of Canada in job growth post recession with most of the jobs lost during the recession coming back and more.

    10. Harper ran on a platform of staying the course and not to change government during this recovery, and McGunity is doing the same and will win at least a minority government backed by the NDP. When people sit down and look at Hudak and McGunity they don’t see much of a difference and will stick with the devil they know compared to the one they don’t. Just like the past Federal election.

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    September 12, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Ernie Eves was Premier and Janet Ecker was finance minister when the budget was delivered at Magna. That’s Magna moron,not Magda. And oh yeah, the last full year the PC’s were in office under Harris, the budget was balanced with a small surplus. At least that’s what Greg Sorbara had to admit.

    As for that $5.7 billion deficit, that was a projected amount after only 6 months of the current fiscal year. It would have been smaller had McGuinty not deferred money recieved from the federal government to the following fiscal budget. Any idea why Einstein?

    And that $5.7 billion figure included hydro debt that had never been included in previous budgets. McGuinty said he included it to give Ontarians a real view of the fiscal situation. Oddly enough, McGuinty never included hydro debt in any of the following budgets and statements of account. Wanna take a stab at the reason why Einstein?

    As for Walkerton, provincial inspectors caught the contamination in tests. It was the towns employee who hid the findings. So why don’t you address all the deaths from c. difficile experienced in hospitals during McGuinty’s tenure? It’s a result of hospitals forced to cut cleaning costs because McGuinty has increased the sunshine list from 4200 to 42000 making $100,000+ per year.

    And why don’t you get your facts straight before posting. The most recent numbers from September 9th 2011 show Alberta with job growth at 4.2% with Ontario second at 1.8%. Of course you must have a different idea of when the recession ended and Ontario led the country in job growth.

    Here’s a link worth reading:

    I give you an “A” for perseverence, but an “F” for accuracy as most of what you have stated is easily proven wrong with a quick google search.

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    September 20, 2011 at 12:57 am

    It is so much fun to watch Dalton McGoofie in action, and to also watch as he tries to sell himself as a fiscally responsible type…..God how I miss Mike Harris and his right between the eyes this is what I am campaigning.
    Will vote for Hudak but only because I am voting for Yakabuskie….a damned fine MPP and a honest man

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    September 20, 2011 at 1:03 am

    for digitalhit to sit there and say that the Feds wanted the HST is disingenous. The ferret dalton wanted HST because it would give him more money plus he could tie the tory’s with letting him have it. Problem was that right after that little bit of sneakery there was a federal election and guess how many liberals were elected in Ontario?

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    November 7, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I moved 80% of my usage to off peak and studied the bill. No savings. Kwh average cost = $0.20 no matter when I used it. Results verified across 12 months.

    $1 billion dollars on smart meters and no TOU savings for the end customer? Flick Buy some more shiny new trucks. Looking good enron Corp of Ontario. Boycott. Put up solar panels. By the time you read this rates will have gone up again.

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    December 4, 2011 at 5:32 am

    Wow 1.5 million civil servants in Ontario re-elect norman bates. Who didnt see that one coming? Despite the economic situation Mc Douche made sure they all got 14% raises across the next 3 years thereby “buying” their vote. 1.5 million out of a population of 13.2 = greater than 1 in 10 work for the government in this province???? Greek meltdown 2.0 here we come! Would you like some souvlaki with that $237 billion epic fail?

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    February 28, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    To Start I love your website, just discovered it and I have addition for your Dalton McNutty goo pile !

    Ontario’s Power Trip: Generating losses
    Parker Gallant Dec 1, 2011 – 7:30 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 2, 2011 12:09 PM ET

    For the first 10 months of 2011, the province of Ontario, via the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), exported 11.1 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity. That’s enough to power 1,156,000 average Ontario households for a year, or about 25% of total Ontario residential electricity demand, or 10% of total non-industrial consumption.

    According to the government, these exports are a huge benefit to ratepayers. In a Nov. 10 release, the Ministry of Energy said exports keep “costs down for families.” The IESO reports on its webpage that Ontario generated $375.3-million in revenue selling electricity to Quebec, New York, Michigan and other regions so far this year. That implies an average price of about 3.38¢ for each kilowatt hour (kWh), or slightly less than half a cent higher than the official Ontario average market price of 2.98¢ per kWh. It looks like the IESO is doing a good job of capturing value in the spread between Ontario and non-Ontario electricity prices.

    That’s what they claim to be doing, but they are not. Behind the numbers and claims of making a profit on exports, one finds a different story. Rather than making money, Ontario is losing hundreds of millions of dollar selling this power to New York and other regions at low prices that are up to 50% below the actual final price of electricity in Ontario. The power exported at an average of 3.38¢ a kWh looks good only when compared with the essentially fictitious Ontario market price. The real average price of electricity in Ontario through the first 10 months of this year is about 7¢ per kWh, which means the province is in effect losing almost 4¢ on every kWh exported. Since the province exported 11.1 billion kWh, the loss works out to $420-million.

    That loss is paid by Ontario ratepayers. The exports keep costs up, not down. The real cost of electricity is buried in an arcane pricing structure that seems to have been designed to hide the facts.

    The provinces and states purchasing Ontario’s surplus electricity don’t have to pay the full cost of building, maintaining and expanding Ontario’s out-of-control electricity regime. On top of the so-called market price for electricity, Ontario ratepayers must foot the bill for Ontario’s multi-faceted politically micro-managed power system. All these other costs are accumulated and calculated under an accounting conceit called the “Global Adjustment” (GA).

    According to the IESO, the Global Adjustment includes “the rates paid to regulated and contracted generators and for conservation and demand management programs.” In such few words are packed a multitude of hidden costs.

    The market price, based on trades in the wholesale market among major generators and buyers, is merely the base for a series of Global Adjustment add-ons. The average market price of 2.98¢ must be adjusted to pay for electricity the province has contracted to buy at above-market prices. Wind power generation is paid at 13.5¢ a kWh and solar at 80¢ a kWh. Another cost is the province’s policy of paying generating companies not to produce electricity. If wind power is being generated, displacing gas plants, the government pays gas plants not to produce electricity.

    All these costs add up. The Ontario Power Authority reports that the GA for the 12 months to the end of October 2011 exceeded $5.1-billion, or about 30% of total system revenue of about $14.5-billion

    Here’s a rough breakdown of the key GA electricity price add-ons:

    Non-utility generation (NUG) Private companies that hold long-term contracts to provide power to the system (hydro, gas, biomass). Many of these are money-losing legacy contracts that the province is obligated to honour and are held by an off-balance-sheet operation called the Ontario Electricity Finance Corp. Total NUG payments: $1.06-billion.

    Nuclear generation and certain hydro power Nuclear plants are guaranteed an average 5.58$, and receive the bulk of this GA payment of $1.28-billion.

    Renewable energy Payment of special 13.5¢ and 80¢ feed-in tariffs for wind and solar, plus the cost of paying standby gas plants to not produce electricity, accounts for the largest portion of the Global Adjustment: $2.8-billion.

    The power sold for export fetched only 3.38¢ per kWh over the past 10 months, which means Ontario ratepayers picked up 3.62¢ to cover the GA costs for wind, solar, nuclear and other electricity sources. In effect, the $375.3-million in revenue generated selling “surplus” electricity cost ratepayers another $420-million (11,100,000 MWh times the average GA). Put another way, ratepayers in Ontario paid 3.8¢ per kWh so out-of-province electricity buyers would take our surplus power.

    The benefit is no benefit. If the exported electricity (equal to about 25% of total Ontario residential demand) had not been produced and sold, ratepayers would have saved $420-million. How can the ministry claim selling our surplus power at a subsidized cost per kWh of 3.8¢ helps to “Keep costs down for families”?

    The Ontario government is hiding the fact that adding intermittent wind and solar production to the province’s baseload generation capacity has done nothing more then drive up the price of a basic need and benefited companies in New York and elsewhere.

    This is not a new development. Last January, the Toronto Star reported that “Ontario electricity customers have subsidized power exports to the tune of $1-billion since 2006.” The article promised that a C.D. Howe Institute study would be published later in the year. Jan Carr, the former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) was quoted and referenced several times and traced the cause of those costs to ratepayers “to about 2005 when the Ontario government increasingly took electricity pricing away from the open market.”

    The C. D. Howe study promised in that article never saw the light of day, for some reason. Which is unfortunate. It might have ended the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s claims to be saving money when the opposite is true. At least 10% of electricity output in the province is unneeded production, mostly from wind, that is exported at a loss to all ratepayers.

    Financial Post
    Parker Gallant is a retired banker who looked at his electricity bills and didn’t like what he saw.

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    August 24, 2012 at 5:07 am


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