He Woulda Been 68 Today

68 Years ago today one of musics legendary figures was born. I really wanted to showcase the man so below you will see a clip that really gives you a good look at his fingers dancing across the frets. The song is “Deal” and the band behind him is the Jerry Garcia Band.

Very few outside of Deadheads ever put him up there in terms of guitar skill.  Perhaps this clip will open a few more eyes. Hit the vid.

Jerome John Garcia  (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

Saturday Night Jam Session

This comes via an old fraternity brother of mine whom I have hooked up with again by way of Facebook. Thanks Paul. The sheer enjoyment that exudes from both of these musicians is clearly obvious and is reflected in the beauty of the jam.

This is Guitarist  Tommy Emmanuel and Uke phenomenon Jake Shimabukuro playing George Harrison’s “While my guitar gently weeps” on stage together in Holland (we believe).

Hit the video to have it play.

Happy Victoria Day and Happy 69th Birthday to Bob Dylan

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Victoria Day holiday.  

I also want to let you listen to one of my favourite songs by a man most consider one of the best song writers in history.

He has been covered by countless bands and so many of his songs were more famous when sung by others.  He has been covered in folk by Peter, Paul and Mary singing Blowin’ In The Wind in 1963 to one of metal’s founding fathers Jimi Hendrix performing All Along The Watchtower to more modern metal with Rage Against the Machine covering Maggie’s Farm and in a more mellow stream Norah Jones now covers “I’ll be your baby tonight”.  

Then we have Clapton and GnR each doing there own rendition of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and the White Stripes covering “One More Cup of Coffee” on their `1999 self titled album. Don’t even start me on how many Dylan tunes the Grateful Dead cover.

That, my friends, is widespread admiration.

Bob Dylan. Happy Birthday…Tangled Up In Blue