Liberal Premiere Kathleen Wynne’s Road

I’m sure you’ve seen Kathleen Wynne running up and down nice roads in those commercials. ¬†Well this is the real road she is leading Ontario down.

 Kathleen Wynne's Road
Kathleen Wynne’s Road

Keep following her and Ontario is….officiallyscrewed.

One thought on “Liberal Premiere Kathleen Wynne’s Road

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    May 10, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    Exactly. If the Liberals get back in, expect another credit downgrade very soon and when interest rates go up as they will, brace yourself. And when the next recession comes which usually happen about every 10 years, then expect Ontario to be in similar situation to Greece. As bad as McGuinty was he at least towards the end realized there was a problem, Wynne is still oblivious to it.

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