Furthur in Herkimer part 2

It’s 720pm. Vlad’s still not here. He asked if we should meet at venue but chances of finding him are slim so he agrees to come to the cafe. At this point I am sitting in my truck surfing the web on my bb via a free wifi called collis (from some collision repair centre). Lucky me because roaming charges in the U.S.A. Are disgustingly unfair for canucks.

Ad shows up and I leave my truck at the cafe and after 2 missed turns, a closed road detour and some crazy sticky tar that made his car sound like it had a flat we get to the venue just a few minutes late. But it’s an open air show so we can hear the tunes.

Set 1: The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion>
Born Cross-Eyed> Alligator> Truckin’>
Feelin’ Alright, New Potato Caboose>
Cream Puff War> Viola Lee Blues

But what was noticeable was the shortness of the set.

After grabbing a couple of pints we were in the thick of it about 20 or so people back from the stage.

To be continued…

The Venue at Gelston Castle
The Venue at Gelston Castle

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    July 4, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Part I is totally incomprehensible.

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