Smackdown: Harper on conservatives claiming to be centrist….like Andrew Scheer…and it’s not good for Scheer

I saw a meme which had a comment from current Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer about being Centrist and then had a quote by former Conservative Party of Canada leader (and Prime Minister) Stephen Harper about conservatives claiming to be centrist and I thought it was very astute but wanted to fact check.  And lo and behold, it was pretty much true.  I have linked to the Toronto Sun article interviewing Andrew Scheer and Ben Shapiro interviewing Stephen Harper and ummm…did Harper hand Scheer a Smackdown?

Voters will have a clear choice: Scheer ; November 3rd, 2018

““We have an opportunity to say that we are a pragmatic centrist party with room for lots of different views on lots of different issues…”
~Andrew Scheer

Then on the Sunday Special with Ben Shapiro a mere 2 weeks later on November 18th, 2018, at the 5:55 mark of the interview Stephen Harper says this:

“..often you will see the same things happen in Canada, ‘I’m a pragmatist, I’m a centrist’, and of course coming from the mouth of a conservative often means they are actually left of centre but somehow want to be in a conservative party.”

You can view it by clicking the on the video below and the response is at the 5:55 mark.  (You can see the conversation with the question starting at the 4:46 mark.)

So does Andrew Scheer have a problem?  Most conservatives are huge fans of Stephen Harper so I would say yes.  He is OfficiallyScrewed.

One thought on “Smackdown: Harper on conservatives claiming to be centrist….like Andrew Scheer…and it’s not good for Scheer

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    November 23, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Many of us CPC supporters were huge fans of Stephen Harper, but as time goes by we are becoming aware of more failings by the man we once almost deified. I remember so many conversations with fellow conservatives that began,”Harper was the greatest Prime Minister in Canadian history”, but when I look back on it, by what standard did we measure him to come to that conclusion?

    Harper governed in a stable world,under the American umbrella, with no major wars being fought, no major Depression ravaged the world’s markets. He was a good captain of our ship, not Admiral Nelson, but a good captain.

    Harper was a competent PM,and Leader of the country. He kept the deficit under reasonable control and was respected by most politicians around the world, his biggest haters were and still are the Canadian media.

    Harper’s biggest problem was his timidity in his last two years in Office, which po’ed much of his base. His lack of action on Sun-TV,and his pandering to CBC, ensured there would never be a non-left wing broadcaster operating in Canada.
    Critics in the CPC said Harper had become “Ottawashed”, iow had succumbed to the system, just going along to get along.

    Harper and his team badly miscalculated the 2015 election,and too many eda’s became complacent, figuring we had it in the bag. Yes, Harper was a better Leader than Trudeau, so was Chretien, and every PM you can name since Confederation.
    Trudeau is an idealist and a globalist fool, he believes he is a leader in the forefront of the new generation taking the world down a new path of enlightenment, but without any understanding of how we got to where we are now.

    Trudeau should be soundly defeated in the next election, but the CPC made a huge mistake in electing a man whose style is more that of a career civil servant than the Leader of a country in a rapidly changing world.
    To win an election,the CPC or Liberals need that 10% of fence sitters, who have to be inspired to make their decision as to who to vote for. In 2015, Trudeau accomplished that, but I don’t see anything inspirational from Andrew Scheer so far that leads me or many traditional CPC supporters to believe he has a snow
    ball’s chance next year.

    David Menzies has a good video about this at Rebel media. I hope Scheer’s team watched it.

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