The Curse of Michael Buble – Screwing Over Canuck Fans Since 2011

I am starting to scare myself.

3 years ago when Michael Buble said that Vancouver Canucks were Vancouver’s team and not Canada’s team, I cursed them.

Reason for the Curse of Michael Buble
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That’s right. Me. A scientific individual resorted to the three pronged curse invoking some pretty powerful stuff!!! Right in the heart of the finals against Boston in 2011. To rehash from my 2012 blogpost:

I gave this the good old triple curse.
First you take your index finger and touch the lid of one closed eye (with the other open) and you say “ACK ACK ACK”. This is the Malochia or Evil Eye. Then you give the Devil’s curse and say “SIX SIX SIX, number of the beast.”
This is all followed by the ultimate sports curse from the movie Caddyshack. This is simple in that you just say “Noonan!!”
Put it all together and you have a very powerful curse. In this case, the Curse of Michael Buble!!!.
“ACK ACK ACK!! SIX SIX SIX! Number of the Beast! NOONAN!!”

And what has happened so far?

2011 – They lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
2012 – They were a one seed and lost in 5 games to the lowly 8th seeded Los Angeles Kings.
2013 – They were a 3 seed and lost in 4 straight to the 6th seeded San Jose Sharks.

I am going to anxiously wait by the phone for Mr. Buble’s phone call telling me Vancouver’s bandwagon (if they ever make the finals) is big enough for all of Canada….Provided they are not playing another Canadian team that is.