The Curse Of Michael Buble – 2 Playoff Years (2011-2012) and Counting

Well I must say that although I knew the Curse of Michael Buble was strong and would prevent the Vancouver Canucks from ever winning Lord Stanley’s Cup, I never thought that it would be strong enough to curse the team so that they (a number 1 seed) would lose in 5 games to the lowly 8th seeded Los Angelas Kings.

I think my work this year is complete. And just so you all know what I am referring to, a year ago, in the Stanley Cup finals, when the only Canadian team left was Vancouver, Michael Buble told Canada to get their own team and that the Canucks were Vancouver’s team. Well this got my dander up so I cursed the Vancouver Canucks. i.e. the Curse of Michael Buble. So long as he feels the Canucks bandwagon is not big enough for all Canadians, the Vancouver Canucks shall NEVER win the Stanley Cup.

I gave this the good old triple curse.

First you take your index finger and touch the lid of one closed eye (with the other open) and you say “ACK ACK ACK”. This is the Malochia or Evil Eye. Then you give the Devil’s curse and say “SIX SIX SIX, number of the beast.”

This is all followed by the ultimate sports curse from the movie Caddyshack. This is simple in that you just say “Noonan!!”

Put it all together and you have a very powerful curse. In this case, the Curse of Michael Buble!!!.

“ACK ACK ACK!! SIX SIX SIX! Number of the Beast! NOONAN!!”

So were the Canucks cursed and so they have not won the cup for two years.

Beware the Curse of Michael Buble.

How does this fit on this blog? Because the Canucks are OfficiallyScrewed!!!

p.s. The only Canadian team left is the Ottawa Senators and although I am a Maple Leaf fan, I am cheering them on and am proud to say that their bandwagon IS big enough for anyone who wants to cheer them on. Go Sens Go!!

2 thoughts on “The Curse Of Michael Buble – 2 Playoff Years (2011-2012) and Counting

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    April 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Was living in Vancouver in 1982[?} will never forget the fun of cheering on the canucks………. how I miss those ugly jerseys ,Stan[the Steamer] Smyl,the eyes of Darcy Rota, the first white towel gig from Roger Neilson, Tiger Williams,and of course the evil Billy Smith. Now living in the Ottawa valley I ,though always a Hab fan, cheer the underdog Sens ……………cause the play in Canada!

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