How To Fight Unemployment – Reagan v. Obama

Stuart Varney used this graphic today. (I cellphone snapped a photo of the screen to produce the image below). It compares two presidents, Reagan and Obama, both of whom inherited recessions and high unemployment. The blue line indicates unemployment rates under Reagan’s presidency and the red line under Obama’s.

Varney was clear that the difference between the two is that Reagan focussed on private sector revitalization and Obama has been focussed on public sector stimulus.

Very interesting.  (click image to view larger version)

One thought on “How To Fight Unemployment – Reagan v. Obama

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    December 23, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Reagan was part of a group that saved the United States from destruction but Obama is part of a group that wishes the United States destruction. This is good because soon Obama is gone and the people must rise up again, even if in anger and take back their country and return to their core roots. This will thwart a lot of evil in the world.

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