Is There A Get Out Of Debt Free Card?

I swear, she is going to become one of my favourite columnists. Sheila Copps has written another article dropping an election bomb. In her article Parties counting pennies–Elections Canada says Liberals in debt as they head into the final weeks of the campaign she lists some of the information posted at Elections Canada.

According to Elections Canada, in their last annual filing, the Liberal Party of Canada was $34,818,257.32 in debt, by way of 13 bank loans. The Bloc Quebecois has more than $10 million in outstanding loans, mostly from the Caisse Desjardins. The NDP has several modest loans outstanding, totalling a little more than $3 million. The Conservatives are debt-free.

The Liberal Party says the figure is inaccurate and that it is much lower. Even if they haven’t counted recent donations, I am really appreciating this one.

Knowing the party with the spit and polish commercials is in the hole and the party with the frugal, visually lacklustre, albeit informative, ads is in the black. I like the idea of the one in the black spending our tax dollars.

I have a suggestion for Paul Martin. Why not move the Liberal Party Of Canada legally to the Carribean? Do you know what the tax savings could be????…Oh wait…you do.

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