Accountability Act Delays Cost Taxpayers $5.5 Million (and counting)

I just saw a counter that says it has been 158 days that the unelected Liberal slanted Senate has held up the Accountability Act.

158 freaking days!! Thats over 5 months over a single piece of legislation.

Let me do some math for you. 105 Senators paid $122,700/year, pro-rated at 158 days/365 days means we have already paid these guys $5,576,967 (and 12 cents) to get this piece of legislation through and they’re still arguing about it.

This is why our country is so broke taxes are so high my friends. The Liberals seem to think paying people to peruse the paperwork, ponder the paperwork, pander over the paperwork, pretend they are working on the paperwork, pushaw over the paperwork and then plunder the coffers by paying themselves and lawyers for half a year before they give it the A-OK is the way our nation should work.

What ever happened to “put your nose to the grindstone?” or “plant your feet in the same spot until you get the job done?” Why doesn’t the Senate show a little more “Put your money where your mouth is” and a lot less “Put OUR money where they need some trees cut at their cottage?” and get this piece of legislation through?

Talk about the public getting OfficiallyScrewed.

One thought on “Accountability Act Delays Cost Taxpayers $5.5 Million (and counting)

  • December 3, 2006 at 12:19 am

    The Accountability Act is only one of the pieces of legislation being held up by the Senate. I suppose they’re hoping for an election to come along and wipe the slate clear again…

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