Bob Runciman Rips Yellow Bellied McShifty A New One

I really don’t have much to add other than to put a few words down from Bob Runciman’s article in today’s National Post.

Public sources and documents show the Six Nations council agreed to surrender the land on Jan. 18, 1841, on the agreement the government would sell it and invest the money for them. On May 15, 1848, the land currently occupied was sold to George Ryckman, and a crown deed was issued to him. The same land was purchased by Henco Industries in 1992 and registered on title in July, 2005.

Apart from buying the occupied land for $22-million, the McGuinty Liberals are also paying the hydro and water bills for the occupiers. When asked about the costs of the occupation, Mr. Ramsay [David Ramsay, Mr. McGuinty’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister] declared, “It’ll cost what it costs.” That’s the kind of approach to fiscal responsibility that the McGuinty Liberals believe someone else should now pay for.

Under our Constitution, the administration of justice is clearly a provincial responsibility. Dalton McGuinty’s approach to fulfilling this responsibility has been to handcuff the Ontario Provincial Police by encouraging what could be construed as “hands-off” policing in Caledonia — thereby damaging the once-stellar reputation of the OPP.

And now, Dalton McGuinty wants Stephen Harper to foot the bill for policing in Caledonia, the $22-million cost of the land, the $1.5-million compensation package for local businesses and who knows what else. Perhaps Dalton McGuinty will add the cost of compensation promised to local homeowners on June 16 of this year, or better yet, he will ask Stephen Harper to keep this promise for him — since Mr. McGuinty’s record in the promise-keeping department leaves too much to be desired.


Hey, Dalton! Do you need to use twice as much toilet paper now?

H/T to Jack’s Newswatch

5 thoughts on “Bob Runciman Rips Yellow Bellied McShifty A New One

  • October 31, 2006 at 11:42 pm

    How about the $1 million per year paid to former Liberal Premier Peterson to “negotiate” this claim and now the $1500 PER DAY being paid to HRDC former Liberal MP Jane Stewart to “negotiate”. These big buck Liberals are sure not very good at their negotiating are they?
    It would appear that Peterson and Stewart have typically the Liberal traint of no action, no results and no accountability for results when collecting taxpayer’s money.

    This stinks huh.

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  • November 1, 2006 at 12:58 pm

    Classic McShifty approach – charge in head first without having the facts, ignore the advice of those who do, waste public money and then whine about the outcome. It is particularly galling that Peterson, one of the worst premiers the province ever had, and Stewart, a documented crook, profited from this mess as well.

    I’d say the Dalton Gang bought a half-built subdivision on behalf of the people of Ontario. Maybe they can use it for their much-touted yet invisible ‘affordable’ housing initiative.

    Didn’t it occur to them to check the title claim? That would usually be the first step, wouldn’t it?

    If I were Harper, I’d tell him to go fly a ‘pit bull’.

  • November 1, 2006 at 10:29 pm

    Re: #3 — “McShifty” knows about it. He’s a lawyer and would not miss this news. The point to be made is that he thinks all people in Ontario are stupid and he may be right.

    If you only read the “The Star” you could become confused.

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