How Do You Spell Conflict Of Interest? EmCeeGeeYouEyeEnTeeWhy

Or M-C-G-U-I-N-T-Y for those who prefer the actual letters.

Today I am livid. Why?? This is why.

Earlier in the day, OPP Commissioner Gwen Boniface announced that Ottawa police would investigate the actions of provincial police officers during an assault on two television camera operators at the protest scene.

First of all I live in Ottawa and it is MY property taxes paying for the Ottawa Police force. Since the city of Ottawa amalgamated our police force has dropped by close to 25% (252 now vs. 330 before amalgamation) in terms of the number of officers we have on the force. The city has grown from 780,000 (in the areas that amalgamated) to 845,000 now, the property taxes have gone up and now we are sending our boys to Caledonia to investigate the assault of the TV crew that OPP officers stood by watching.

Secondly, our illustrious Premier, the Yellow Bellied McShifty, whose family is very closely tied to our community was elected in Ottawa South. Does this not smack of a conflict of interest? McShifty has been at the heart of this whole conflict since it escalated out of control and having the Police force that protects his jurisdiction do the investigation is simply wrong.

Every citizen of Ontario has a big reason to be worried about this “investigation” *nudge nudge wink wink say no more* and every citizen of Ottawa has two reasons to be ticked off.

OfficiallyScrewed … again.

H/T Dust My Broom for the Globe and Mail quote.

ADDENDUM:  Today the Ottawa Police Chief Vince Bevan announced he will be stepping down in 6 months. Hmmmmmm … a man with good morals announces his retirement on the same day his police force is announced to be investigating the OPP affair in Caledonia.

ADDENDUM II:  Sandra Blaikie of A Channel was just giving her pre show info to CFRA and said Vince Bevan’s resignation was totally unexpected.  Double Hmmmm….


2 thoughts on “How Do You Spell Conflict Of Interest? EmCeeGeeYouEyeEnTeeWhy

  • July 24, 2006 at 6:23 pm

    Wow, this is really starting to stink! Where are the opposition parties in all this?

  • July 24, 2006 at 9:28 pm

    It all just happened today. Hopefully someone with some clout looks into this.

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