Why are Tories protecting Supply Management?

I mean I get why the Liberals do it. But why are Tories doing it? You can come join me….and Maxime Bernier….on the other side where the grass…..and Canadian economy….are greener. Even Rona Ambronse sees the potential damage to our economy preserving it will cause us with Trump as President. If you think waiting for him to lose office is something we can hold out against, you are wrong. There will be mass layoffs right away in Canada. And Trump isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 more years and likely 6 more years, at which point our economy will have fallen off the cliff.

Of course the Boy Blunder Trudeau will blame Trump, but he should blame his own father who brought about Supply Management back in 1971. Do you not all see the sweet irony which has the drama teaching, hair modelling, selfie taking, pixie dust spreading Prime Minister has to smack down one of his father’s legacies?

One thought on “Why are Tories protecting Supply Management?

  • August 17, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    I understand that the CPC supports supply side management because the Quebec dairy cartel stacked the nomination meeting so Scheer would win over Bernier. Scheer is thus the cartel’s CPC backer.
    I will vote against Trudeau again next year, but with the Ottawa-born and raised Scheer in charge of the CPC, will do so with little enthusiasm.
    Scheer would fit in with either Party, is a Liberal-lite candidate, just like the establishment wants him to be. We can expect nothing momentous from a Scheer led government.

    I have serious doubts Scheer as PM would rescind the upcoming Liberal anti-firearm legislation, or attempt any type of Senate or electoral reform. It will be business as usual,with a different colored tie on the PM.
    Scheer loves the Canadian system, and unlike Trump,sees no problems within it. I don’t see Scheer making any serious changes to the immigration or refugee situations as it will be the Conservatives turn to pander to Islam.
    No change forthcoming with a Scheer led CPC, just more top down rule from the political club that has stolen our democracy.

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